More camera samples from Nokia 808 PureView

02 March, 2012

The striking 41MP camera of the Nokia 808 PureView won it an award and we can't get enough of looking at camera samples from it. Nokia themselves released several still and video samples and they were nothing short of amazing.

The Handheld Blog were lucky enough to get a chance to take out the 808 PureView for a quick spin themselves. Here are some crops from the original 38MP photos.

100% crops from Nokia 808 PureView full-resolution photos

You can also visit their site if you want to look at the original photos, but be warned they weigh in at over 10MB each. It's also worth noting that the Nokia 808 PureView is a couple of months away from launch, so Nokia still have time to polish the image processing firmware, as Nokia's own Damian Dinning attests more than once.