Motorola A768i

Motorola A768i

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  • Pete

If this phone dosen't contain all the features advertised, I suggest contacting Motorola and complaining. Blatant false advertising is a matter for trading standards. Also if the phones are faulty, send them back and demand one's that work properly.

  • James M. Shih

I bought 2 of these phones for my wife and I to use. Liked it at first. Biggest problem I've had was I received calls without the phone ringing, only having the phone rang some 2 hours after the real phone call. Somehow the phone just stalled. It happened just about every single day. Gonna go buy another one without this linux OS.

  • benjamin

What 96 MB memory? The phone has only 8MB dynamic memory... and no card slot... The phone's pretty neat though-- ringtones however suck...

  • pappi

i love the brand

  • Michael

When I first saw the photo of this phone, I was captivated by it, more so for the wonderful design, features and all the goodies built in. I even contact local agents in Malaysia but unfortunately was told will not be in. Lauching in Thailand this Marc 31st 2004

  • TAM

When will this stuff be available in Malaysia ?


does anyone know whats the camera resolution of the a768?

  • Jon Ball

will this phone will be able to run msn messenger or aim?

  • Oleg

This is really coooooolllll phone!!!! it's my dream, i'll buy it for sure!!!! :)

  • emily

do anyone know when will this phone release in malaysia??
n anyone know abt the price??
coz i really luv this phone a lot...

  • WoraZ

It really looks VERY GOOD.. I couldnt believe when I saw that phone cuz I've never expected such a phone from Motorola.. 65K-TFT, 96Mb Memory, MMC Slot and Linux OS.. It looks really PERFECT..

  • m

this phone is the best for me

  • nobody

where s the mp3???

  • Sanjiv Gandhi

Great phone. I will also be glad to have more information about availability in Gujarat India.

  • Anonymous

Linux OS? Cool...

  • ........

may i know how much does this phone cost n when wil,it be comming out coz it is so preetty n cute

  • vijay solanki

please tell me about it's price in rupees.
because i buy it & where is retailers in ahemdabad in gujarat ,india
please hurry on me id
ok thanks

  • Anonymous

Great design and excellent features with 96 MB memory!

  • enjay

whoa! a black A760, with 96MB of memory! very nice but still dualband only, sigh