Motorola FLIPSIDE MB508

Motorola FLIPSIDE MB508

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  • TheDoctor

I had one of these and well it was completely awful. The first two months were great, but then it froze and the screen wouldn't turn on and when it did it just showed rainbow dots. I didn't drop it or anything, no water damage at all, and I took great care of it; but for some reason it stopped working. Awful phone.

  • nanalice

People I'm speaking to say they can barely hear me.
Are there any ways to make my voice seem louder to them?

  • jb

Cannot recommend. Has been just barely tolerable despite turning all all the bloatware I could without rooting. Do yourself a favor and get something more up to date with a lot more internal memory. No amount of memory management can make up for what is simply not there in the first place (not even adding SD memory helps much even in the most recent iterations), but the apps forced into this device certainly do cripple it to the point of not being usable at all until as many as possible are defeated. Even then it will be an exercise in frustration. Between Moto & ATT, this device's implementation was botched. Which is sad in that it had such excellent potential for a starter Android smartphone. But now, a year later, it is merely another irrelevant piece of obsolescence. I like Motorola on the whole, but this one should be avoided.

  • Unknown

This phone is trash the first time i git it i was like AWESOME but now this crap must go in trash. memory is no good the phone not even a pic up internet it just keeps loading, it freezes, it over heat, low space. who so ever maid this phone must have been sleeping while inventing it #barff

  • Anonymous

I have purchase a new sd card and need to install how do I do that and still have all my information from the old as card

  • louis

my motorola blur mb580 i lost my phone service and i cant use to make calls and do anything what can i do so solve that i tried reset the phone but still not working can you help me fix that

  • zakir jatoi

my Motorola MB508 going hung when i use it fast work just tell me what i do for this problem.

  • bumbox

i cannot access my notification light, i dont think this phont worth this high prices. storage is my main problem how do i fix it.

  • Anonymous

Motorolas product Att offered as part of their lines offered to customers. Sole excuslivly by ATT its pre-installed applactions, many are Exclusive to ATT requireing subcription fees for their use, none of these locked apps cannot be removed

  • Anonymous

Nicki, 08 Dec 2012My phone freezes.It moves from the homescreen to my text messagi... moreJust put a screen protector and it will work just fine!


i cant use the google accounts to download apps why

  • Ash1234

Can you use Swype on this phone??? If Yes can you please tell me what's the app called and how do I set to use the swype... Thank you!!!

  • Nicki

My phone freezes.It moves from the homescreen to my text messaging without me touching it. Its a great phone besides that.

  • Istoka

I've fixed my "storage" problem and now I'm fine ;)
Try this method here www­-available-on-android/
it worked for me! (that's not a spam!!!!)

Have had the Flipside for two years now... and just to let the author know, the version of Android listed in the article needs to be updated to Android 2.2 (Froyo). See here for details:

  • Tano

Its basicly shit compared to others but if maintained well it will work decent.... it probably will always freeze and the memory suck but overall ok

  • Anonymous

Understand when I tell you this phone is a piece of crap. It freezes, the memory sucks, and the battery power is terrible. If your looking for a good phone I suggest the Samsung captivate glide that is what i have now and its the best phone I ever had.

  • Nickô

This phone is kinda cool doe, I am kind of qwerty physical keyboard person, but if you don't have enough memory it sucks. The UI MOTOBLUR sucks battery,slows the phone down,lags and causes freezes. I admire but sometimes it's a pain. I want to root it to rid the bloatware but wouldn't even bother because I am going to get a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and selling it.

  • Anonymous

this phone is really crap i mean shitty i hate it it doesn't have enough memory always freezing i bough this phone a month ago an the speaker is not working this is total crap don't ever purchase this phone to much money for nothing good

  • tml

Motorola Flipside or Motorola Milestone? Please help! :)