Motorola RAZR i XT890

Motorola RAZR i XT890

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> In reply to mapecka @ 2013-06-25 12:31 from 0Baw - click to readbattery life is the biggest disadvantage after updating to 4.1. Has never lasted more than 2 days since I updated.
as for the possibility of getting 4.2, I wouldn't get my hopes high since this , you know, android.

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  • 2013-06-27 03:11
  • Nqp8
  • eken

trouble getting HSPA+/3G on Razr i with T-Mobile in USA. love this phone, size is perfect, but H+ comes and goes, and then it's on 2G EDGE where webpages take 2 minutes to load. makes Google Maps impossible to use. I'm in NYC so reception isn't the problem. what to do? have to get a refund I guess.

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  • 2013-06-26 21:13
  • YcE$
  • Templar

> In reply to mapecka @ 2013-06-25 12:31 from 0Baw - click to readBattery life is pretty much same like in any android...1-1,5days max. Maybe 2 days if you just check time from phone=)

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  • 2013-06-25 16:14
  • i8Ut
  • Ensor

> In reply to leon @ 2013-06-11 00:32 from nE4y - click to readWhy would ANY apps be incompatible because of the Intel processor? Android apps are written in Java genius...

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  • 2013-06-25 14:00
  • gKbi
  • mapecka

Does anyone know, when there will be update on JB 4.2?
And how good is battery life after update from 4.0 to 4.1?

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  • 2013-06-25 12:31
  • 0Baw
  • Eisley

Some very important news! (Specially for the ones who watch japanese animations)

The Motorola Razr i, this First Gen, Single Core @ 2Ghz powered by an Intel CPU which has been very underrated by the review GSMarena did on it... can playback flawlessly 10 bit 720p MKV videos*!! :D (I'm on my way to try 1080p ones)

This is important because almost all TOP smartphones available CAN NOT! Even the Galaxy S4 struggles and does not give a flawless playback! The Galaxy S3 simply can't playback such videos! Most others cant either.
The iPhone 5 does playback flawlessly, and has been an itchy truth for Android lovers (who watch japanese animes) ha. :/

This is just one MORE point in favor of the awesome performance of the Intel powered smarphones such as the Razr i and the Lenovo K900!

The Lenovo K900 is like the older brother of the Razr i and its Second gen processor is twice as powerfull as the one in the Razr i so I believe purchasing one of them is a winning bet, for sure!! Both are able to easily playback those problematic 10 bit videos which most top others can't!

How cool is that??

Check out the thread at X-D-A devel0pers searching for "[Q] Can Galaxy S4 handle 10-bit 720p video smootly?" thread. And also the thread for the K900 at the same forum!

See you!!

- L.

Update: Tested it: 10 bit 1080p MKV videos do play well in the Razr i!! But this time with some minor flaws! Ha
Such an advantage over the rest!

*With MX Player, which has the best support for Softsubs.

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  • 2013-06-17 10:29
  • LKV7
  • KrAyZiE

The razr i, the best motorola handset ive eva used to date!!! recently started using this handset and it gets 8/10 from me, houestly the best mobile at its size, apps and games all run smoothly with the 2Ghz atom cpu, it could improve the look of the mobile, screws on the sides a put off and touch screens alittle to sensitive, but over all a great mobile

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  • 2013-06-13 18:04
  • freV
  • Samy

> In reply to leon @ 2013-06-11 00:32 from nE4y - click to readWhat a load of nonsense. The number of incompatible apps that I have encountered can be counted on one hand. I have the same exact apps on both my note 10.1 and my RAZR I. Apps will generally run faster on the RAZR I, while games will generally run better on the note. Anyways, since more and more phones are using Intel processors( lenovo k900, galaxy tab 3 10.1) , more developers will check the compatibility of their apps with Intel devices.
In all cases, some of the apps are described as incompatible with this phone just because the developer hadn't tested it on it. In this case, and I've encountered this many times, just get the apk from any website. Just google the name of the app you're looking for + apk.

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  • 2013-06-13 09:13
  • Ir0E
  • Anonymous

> In reply to @ 2013-06-08 00:04 from JpH2 - click to readThe chokes you've mentioned is due to the launcher. I've tried using a very popular one (starts with n), and there has not been one hiccup for months. The moto launcher usually stutters at certain actions, like pressing the menu key, accessing the quick settings, or displaying all homescreens,. This made me realise that the reason couldn't have been the processor itself, but rather the launcher.

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  • 2013-06-13 09:02
  • Ir0E
  • leon

Just got a RAZR I. Thanks to the Intel processor it turns out it's not compatible with half my apps. Be warned.

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  • 2013-06-11 00:32
  • nE4y
  • sasho

Got my wife that phone. Looks beautiful in white. Very fast and responsive, great battery life and the most compact 4,3 phone!

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  • 2013-06-08 09:57
  • 3Sws

> In reply to Undeadmac @ 2013-05-15 02:28 from kiPI - click to readwhy do you guys compare phone by specs? Go ride your bike with a 5.5" phone in your pocket, later go with a 4.3" and tell me which is easier to use!! I know because I do this, I ride my biek and have a razr i. You can't compare a 4" high spec phone with a 5" high spec phone, its not the same thing! its like comparing a car to a truck.

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  • 2013-06-08 00:30
  • JpH2

Made an account just to review this phone. I use it for everything, even riding bicycle. The best high-end phone for small hands, even with a protective case. has the pen-tile problem but you get used to it. Intel processor does have some chokes at points. is very fast in app transition (i use it for college works). battery is enough for a full (24hrs) day of use (charging every night), but can go on to almost 2 days. I have not dropped it so I have no idea if it can take a punch.

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  • 2013-06-08 00:04
  • JpH2
  • Samy

> In reply to kiwijunglist @ 2013-06-06 02:57 from sR3P - click to readAbsolutely no chance of finding a smaller phone of the same screen size. This phone can't get any smaller from the sides, but it could lose a couple of millimetres off the bottom ( still not a lot of bezel though). Just look how big sony phones of similar screen size are .
If motorola make the x-phone anything less than 4.7 inch and keep it edge to edge i'll definitely buy it since im not ready to jump into the 5 inch category just yet. Meanwhile, i'm perfectly happy with my razr i.

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  • 2013-06-07 07:09
  • bfMX
  • kiwijunglist

1 year on, and this is still a really strong 4.3" compact phone. Beats the dimensions of S4 Mini and HTC One Mini. I wouldn't be surprised it it had better battery life and a larger battery as well. Does anyone know if there are any smaller phones with 4.3" display.

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  • 2013-06-06 02:57
  • sR3P
  • Wolfson

i think it looks stylish too.Its only £149 plus 10 top up on T MOBILES UK site on pay as you go.

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  • 2013-05-30 23:24
  • mXyU
  • mynameisreggiexp

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-05-24 20:59 from fk}N - click to readeuh yeah but the lenovo k900 will use powervr 544 mp2
and the galaxy s4 octa core uses the same but mp4
that means lenovo will use a dual core and samsung quad core GPU, but still a good GPU but they should had put the quad core GPU in it

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  • 2013-05-29 18:41
  • m$14
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Zoran @ 2013-05-26 21:47 from 3LEd - click to readThat's your opinion. I think it looks amazing!

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  • 2013-05-28 01:26
  • 8xkL
  • Zoran

What an ugly design! Even the screws on the sides are clearly visible.

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  • 2013-05-26 21:47
  • 3LEd
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Samy @ 2013-05-22 03:16 from fk}P - click to readipad 3 uses powerVX543 not 544. Its the ipad 4 that uses the 544. This means that the lenovo k900 will be even better when it comes to gaming.

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  • 2013-05-24 20:59
  • fk}N