Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • GUNG

i have owned many phones over the years. and this is a brill handset . well built. wake up china is making some top class stuff these days . not long till they pass the US is the tech race. 10/10 battery life not bad for a phone so thin and light..

  • kk

This phone.....SUCKS! Motorola phone....SUCKS! Period.


i totally agree with "ianfrey" comment. i own & used the v3 for a little over a month now. this phone is definately made in china & the attention to the finishing product is quite lousy for a phone i paid us$750.00 for. the manu & set-up of the phone is the worst on the market. there is not even an icon on the screen to show that you have activated the alarm. motorola phones are just not user friendly at all & i am extremely disappointed. on the average,i buy 10 different phones from different manufactures per year; and i have been using mobile phone since the beginning of 1985 & i found that motorola is the least improve company of all. anyway, the v3 is just another piece of crap(my opinion).

  • Anonymous

Hey don't be foolish ... V3 is one of the best phones out in the market ...with functionality and looks ...You seem to be a lover of cheap looking nokia shit!

  • ianfrey

Motorola have only made 70,000 of these phone, has anyone thought about what happens when they drop it and break it or it gets stolen? also the casing, much like the nokia 8910i will scratch very easily. the memorey is small and of course one will have to put up with one of the worst menu set-ups ever put on the market. the only thing going for it is the class one bluetooth. a phone for people who want ot show off rather than for people how want to make the most of the features provided by far more practical alternitave on the market. not that there's anything wrong with wanting to show off, but save up and get a good watch rather than poncey phone. if you really want to show of with a phone buy a Vertu or, best of all, have your PA look after your phone and let her field all your phone calls for you.

  • DRS - UK

Got mine today - Paid £104 for it on a £25 month contract - phone looks cool and graphics/display is excellent.

  • alex

thin, but very wide

  • Bluejacker

Just wondering, with the class 1 bluetooth on this (100m range), if I can reach other bluetooth phones from a distance, will the connection still work if they have normal 15m range bluetooth. I belive it needs a steady connection between both phones so I'm not sure if it will work, any ideas?

  • sab

the phone itself looks the dogs bollocks, the only draw back 2 the phone is it looks squre! but still an excellent handset

  • rowena heuvel

is the v3 the same as the v3razor

  • treephet

v3 so beautiful phone,
no comment,short life battery-no problem forme.GREAT

  • REZ

Brian: Well, this sites developers and Database Admins seem be related to the same person you spoke to at Motorola!
My correct temp e-mail address is:

  • REZ

Brian, I donít know where youíre getting this information, but the V3 is available in the US. I just happened to stumble on this site and noticed your posted question. Donít listen to some jackass on the other end of the line from Motorola. Iíve created a temp e-mail so you can correspond with me regarding the purchase of the V3 retail boxed, SIM Free & Unlocked for the same $700 price I purchased it for on 10/04/2004. And yes, they are a reputable company that Iíve purchased equipment from in the past 3 years. I will e-mail you the information directly if you are serious and not wasting my time. The Rep is my Companyís corporate account sales manager & I donít want a bunch of parasites harassing him for an item they canít afford nor intend to purchase & ruin my relationship with him or his company. Please note that this assistance is sole reserved for Brian & only if you are absolutely certain that you would buy this unit. Like I said, the only relations I have with their company is that I happen to be one of their corporate clients. And Iím in a good generous mood to offer my assistance to you. Your call chiefÖ

  • Niki

I get my V3 from Dubai. It`s a nice looking phone but it has some bad points. First,the life batery - too short, only 2 days. Second - low memory and 3 - less features compared with other models. But the design is great. I like it .....

  • Fred West

I 've heard this phone has clas 1 Bluetooth with a 100m radius, how would this affect headsets, i.e, if i was driving would i be able to pick up other peoples calls?

  • Brian

I really want this phone. Can someone tell me when it's coming out in the U.S? I called motorola and they told me that it will come out this year. Oh ya?
Anyway, any kind of info will be helpful.

  • Anthony Clarke

It's the BOMB i would really love to use tyhis one

  • BJ

I just earned enough points in my Moto Contest. I get a V3 and HS180 heasdset for free!! Whoopie!!!

  • breakersrevenge

Got the phone on a handset only and put my pay as you go sim in it!
I have always been a nokia man from day 1.
But when I first saw the V3 I had to have one, As I have been used to Nokia's - still trying to get used to the way the phone works. But the build quality and the looks are in a place of its own, Much better than the 8910i I had before.
Paid £420.00 for it-is it worth it,based on looks alone - yes!

  • mr noodle

I got this phone yesterday. It has some very good features and you can tell thought has gone into it for customer satisfaction... it ISNT a bit big as some people say, i would rather have a phone you can slip into a tight pocket than a smaller width/thicker depth one that creates a bulge! The camera is vga and creates a good quality picture.. better than the SE t610 The phone tools apckage is very useful too... the ringtones are superior to the t610 too... even ones transferred from the t610 sound better on the v3! They are decent funky tunes better than the SE ones. They are loud and clear in the pocket too.
I bought mine for £99 on a £35 per month contract.
some options are hidden in funny places.. ie message tones are found under 'loud ring detail' or vibe & ring detail' etc depending on which profile you are on.. i would expect to find it under 'ringtones' or 'message settings'! it took me ages to find out how to change it!
I think ive bored you enough now, but i just thought i would let you know!