Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • bruce lee

u can get these on prepay for 20 from blackmarket if u want i can get u 6

  • Anonymous

good phone uh??

  • Justin

hey man thnaks for the info. But I heard that a cingular store near myu house will be getting it in about 2 weeks.

  • aroldo magalhaes

this is telephone has PTT(radio)

  • Brad

@ justin

the phone was released in Hong Kong earlier this week , i think the 27th and yesterday in the UK. People from the U.S. can buy them from certain websites and through eBay. if interested, tell me and ill tell u a few web sites. but youll have to pay like 599.99 plus shipping.

  • david

got one love it but and its a big but,its just a motorola nothing new inside

  • Justin

How did u get that celly already?? motorolla says its not even out yet.

  • tian wang

we got this phone in our store a week ago, i have personaly used this phone for 3 days. honestly, it sucks. i switched back to my p910i. sure, its pretty thin, but the bottom is not thin, also, the back, where the battery cover is, its not straight. the lcd is pretty big but the camera stays the same. 0.3 megapixtal. which is the same shiatty camera thats aviliable in v220. good job moto, hello?


hey is this phone out in england and how much is it there?

  • MeoW_MeoW

it does have mp3 ringtones, it says it right there in the description

  • Anonymous

for malaysian:

  • Justin

Yeah the cingular place told me today that he is getting in around october 15th and its gonna be $450 with a 100 mail in rebate. sounds alot better than 850 online

  • brandon

slick design love the aluminum my only complaint is the polyphonic ringer

  • Justin

To the guy that said the A840 is ugly
Your totally right. All im saying is the features on that phone are alot nicer than the ones that the V3 offer thats all. And to the other dude its supposed to be out in Oct, or dec

  • Win Win

I brought one just because of the looks & feel of the material.

  • kel

this is really a classy design, but really too bad tat it has only 5.5mb memory. it's not a phone tat u can always hold on. and i bet it will be quite expensive.
no offends :)

  • -to: Justin

"A840... features ... blow the V3 out of the water"
Well: A840 looks like yet another ugly plasticphone with antenna, almost 50%larger and 20% heavier..... hmmm

  • Juan

To Justin

Thanks, Well the A840 is not out yet...when do they plan to release it on the market???

  • ann

i like the design... it's so slim and sexy!

  • Justin

to Juan,
Hey man I dont think that it has a MP3 player. For that you should check out the A840. The features on that phone blow the V3 out of the water