Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • Anonymous

very slim looking phone cool

  • Justin

You have a V3 already? How is the camera? is it a mega pixel camera or not?

  • sentenza

I've a working sample of this model.... Whaoo, what a fantastic product, the quality and the size of his screen is incredible... Mode "Show off" on!!!

  • Tarek

is it out yet?!

  • Nick Wells

This phone is the bomb, Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghttttt.

  • andy luu

What is the price of the phone?Where to buy it?

  • xmera666

there's no plastic - pls read the specs!!!

  • bruce lee

ugly peice of plastic

  • jon

another phone for you comformists who love ya self and like to show off

  • ak

does anyone know when the v3 will be availableon t mobile??? cheers

  • Justin

to Brian
hey man thanks for the help. So tell me when is the v3 coming out and what kinda features is that thing gonna have?? Got any other suggestions for me..

  • Brad

Hey this is to Justin,

i was reading your post. The only phone which Cingular does not offer, its only offered in Europe and Asia would be the Sharp GX30/ GX32. It is a sort of big flip fone, 1.1 mp camera with flash. SD Card slot. Its a really nice phone, and it works on Cingular's network cause it is a quadband world phone. I just sold mine cause i want the Razr. But you can get one for around 350 probably. Also, a phone coming out you might be interested would be the Nec 535 1.1 mp camera phone with flash coming out for ATT soon. Also the mpx220 is coming out in october for cingular, it is a megapixel phone with a flash, quadband too.

  • Justin

to mystichrome
Hey man thanks for the help. I want a 1.2 or 1.3 mega pixel camera and a phone that can capture the video not only be able to play back. My service provider is cingular by the way.

  • mystichrome

to justin

Ok look I want a tight as phone with a top of the line camera and that can shoot video. What phone do I need????

man almost each and every phone that is being produced today is tightas and has a cam and can shoot vids! be a bit more specific and i can help u out!!!!!!


for what companies will the v3 be availible for?

  • Sam

its selling now on Ebay, how come ?

  • J2ME Developer

What is this ridiculous price of 2100-2400$.you can by a state-of-art lap top or... moto has to revise about the price.
Does it have any jewels or sth.?

  • Justin

Ok look I want a tight as phone with a top of the line camera and that can shoot video. What phone do I need????


Nah seriously, the thing is that its a motorola... you know the softwares just gonna be about as reliable as a chocolate teapot. It looks great but at the end of the day, it gets dark.