Motorola RAZR V3i

Motorola RAZR V3i

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  • Justin

had this phone for about 2 days and i sold it right away. it has bad reception, battery life is weak, camera is not clear....its just slim thats all!!!

  • Anonymous

well, simple conclusion for breaks down breaks down breaks down.

flickering front screen, low volume, keypad hangs, software hangs....etc

look, it is not very thin considering that is is very wide..the black color is dull, silver ones are passe

bad phone the v3...and also they price drops at an accelerated pace.!! get 1 today and lose 20% in 28 days..

  • uchiha

this phone is amazing but this phone doesnt have flash i think but this phone is just good its small, it has i-tunes ,1.23 megapixel and t-flash cardslot. its good enough for a phone that is so small.

  • delkin

Hey does this phone have flash?

  • Anonymous

Is v3i identical to v3c??
please tell me?
i check on the wabsite and both phone are alike!!
is so confusing!!

  • AMH

I was a fan of MOTO a long time before..

BUT. Motorola is aiming for self-destruction.
The last two years untill now im only using Sony Ericsson products, which prooved it is the best in telecommunications, and also in quick file share
Their Bluetooth implementation has been proven the best without having any problems, and it is the only Phone manufacture that gives the Bluetooth Remote Control, and File ID share, which allows you to log into the other bluetooth device and surf it and download from it.
And after the Walkman series, and their open sound capablities, it has killed the Ipod.
And Motorola made the ROKR, which aimed the company towards self destruction, a copy of an old product.
Think twice, and test all the products in the market before buying a MOTO. Its wasting your money.

  • Elie

It seems that the moto V3i is basically a motorola v635i.Exact software and features just in a moto razr caseing.Look forward to using the V3i as i currently use the black v3

  • Anonymous

there is Razr V3 , V3i , V3c , V3x
so many to choose from

  • daflyer

I have a V3 and I would like to get the "upgrade". I droped it few times, and it is I am also a nokia fan, but the design of a v3 is great...
I hope the V3i will also be ok exactly as the V3.

  • missy_pink

hi..does anyone knows if v3i will come in pink?...i hope it does!!

  • Scorp

RAZR V3i is different from V3x because V3x is a 3g mobile phone plus great megapixel camera.V3i is an upgrade from RAZR V3.Cool enough for phone that is not this phone.

  • Maxine Canlas

I'm thinking of buying this fone w/in the week. But ahm such a Nokia fan and I just don't know if this phone will be as user-friendly as Nokia phones. Will this break easily if dropped? Help!

  • gurunga

Why buy this phone? It's rediculous, bad software, plus a little touch-up of the old one! Don't be deceived people, this is business, that means you're going to spend a ridiculous amout of cash on a product were a little design talent have been spent. Think about it. Will it be worth it?

  • Freddy

Infared is a thing of the tooth all the way newb.

  • Ravi Kumar

very good phone. but no infrared :( .., & i wish 2 see upcoming RAZR will be have infrared feature....

  • brian!!!!!!!!!!

i want this phone!!! come out quickly argh!!

  • Ser1al

V3i and V3x different phones!

  • guess

I agree wit saviour who really is gonna but this phone for 3000...NOBODY unless you got money like that which i dont think too many people on this site do!jus but the v3 for 300 or the v600 for 250 which also is a great phone.Reppin Brooklyn!

  • Jay

The V3i is actually the same as the V3 but just has 1.23 MP camera and extra Micro SD (Transflash) possiblity. The screen resolution is the same as V3 and the battery is acyually slightly less better than the V3. The V3x is a 3rd gen phone so do not compare with the V3i. The phone is out in Dec on in the UK. This is the phone the V3 should have been!

  • saviour

lol are you kidding me, it has it for 789 usd and wow who the hell is going to buy it for 3 grand, get some freaking common sense.

and wtf, celluloco has some rip off prices