Motorola ROKR E8

Motorola ROKR E8

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  • Bernard muli

Mote, 25 Aug 2014I will buyThe best phone from Moto from my experience before loosing it to thuggery 2014, somebody to get me one coz I will honestly but asap

  • Shubham

Best phone which I ever used

  • wincy

i have this phone since 2009. i have dropped it 100 times but still working.

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone since 2007. It's excellent as a phone. The web only just gets you through but it's nice being off the grid these days. Sound is studio quality and never drops a call. Very nice design.

  • Shamim

thong, 14 Mar 2014hi everyone i have been using this phone for quite sometime but ... moreI am trable same this prob hardware prob.

  • sam

Arty, 15 Jan 2015I want to buy this phone!!!!!i do really want this phone.plzzzzzz

  • Arty

I want to buy this phone!!!!!

  • Weassh

Mauro, 18 Sep 2007Ugly like the Z10. Motorola needs to reed more about our opinion... moreCalendar's icon nothing

  • Mote

rohit, 20 Mar 2013you want my rokr bcoz i want 2 cell it ....I will buy

  • Anonymous

thong, 14 Mar 2014hi everyone i have been using this phone for quite sometime but ... moresame thing to meee a reallly miss diss fone

  • thong

hi everyone i have been using this phone for quite sometime but its damage now.... needs serious hardware repairing.. can anyone help..really miss the phone

  • Macho

Great phone indeed. Mine has a cut on the LCD cable and it is difficult to get a new LCD from where am from, there are no MOTO dealers here. I miss my phone.

  • Anonymous

how can I see the data of manufacture? what are secret codes for motorola?

  • mehrdad

hi everyone
i have this phone and it's great in one word.i just need a new frame for it.would someone please help me where can i find one?

  • wincy

my first phone, i still have. its amazing. i havent seen any other like this.

how come this phone back in charts? I thought it had just been brought out and got excited that moto were going back to the GOOD old days.

  • Anonymous

this phone is ok

  • Anonymous

Have this phone, it surely looks nice, but I don't like it because two or three major flaws.

First, the talking sound is way too low. Not inaudible, but with the least street noise, forget about hearing what the other person is saying. Big drawback.

Second, keypad works ok for calling, but the slippery 'touch' surface is not good for fast texting.

Lastly, photo camera is worthless.

  • BA

how do i block certain phone numbers on my e8? also i never knew there was a way to save your sent items on e8. there is an outbox which saves only the smses which failed to get delivered. how do i change my present settings so as to save my sent items also.i have been using e8 for sometime now and just cannot let go of it and still ignorant about a lot of features on my phone, it seems. please help.

  • n r

where should i get a housing of this unit?