BlackBerry Storm 2 leaks on video, Piezo screen amazes

24 August, 2009
The second reincarnation of the BlackBerry Storm is no longer a secret but there is still enough mystery around it for all of its unofficial appearances to make the headlines. That last video we came upon...

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  • Anonymous

idk, 26 Aug 2009i reely wish this fone coms to AT&T bcuz i love blackberrys nd t... moreplease learn english.

  • j.d.

Im a blackberry owner,and if the sure press and wifi are the only changes then ,blackberry should wait before they release friend has a iphone,sorry blackberry the iphone is kill'in us,everything about that iphone is better.rim you guys need to dig deep to compete.if I was'nt loyal to verizon I would get iphone in split sec

  • idk

i reely wish this fone coms to AT&T bcuz i love blackberrys nd touchscreen fones those put together BOOM!! the storm that way theyll get more sails for the higher groups nd the iphone could b based on younger either way theyre still going to get great ratings on the iphone nd the storm 2 if only theyd bring it to at&t

  • Anonymous

Not sure if the Piezo technology is true. There are some images of Storm 1 and 2 internal hardware ... Storm 1 had a button centered behind the screen and Storm 2 had 4 buttons. This would explain why pressing down would be more responsive, especially when clicking around the edges/corners. I doubt the screen would feel/press like a sponge, but sure that it's a big improvement from the 1st one. Might be a marketing thing, who does this guy work for.

Nonetheless, very interested and happy to see all these phone and software (Google Android) companies trying to come out with the next best thing. Competition is good ... credit to iPhone for shaking things up.

  • Anonymous

Sounds like Vin Diesel has done these videos!
Explains it well what we can expect, can't wait!

  • Brenda

I don't know if you could call this a true touchscreen phone. It's like a touchscreen phone that wants to have buttons, lol. It's technology defeats the purpose of the whole concept of a touchscreen phone. If you want to feel the buttons when you press on your phone, might as well get a phone with the real buttons. And I don't see how this touch technology has an advantage over the iphone as the guy was saying on the video. It would've been better if he just kept the iphone out of it. It gives people the impression that this phone is trying so hard to compete with the iphone.

  • Dean

Leo, 24 Aug 2009I really don't know what to make of if..."is said to feel like y... moreSo you rather smaller screen with a keyboard?

  • Anonymous

its the iphone killer,and glad of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

If the screen still clicks IN ANY WAY that the first Blackberry Storm did, This phone will suck and go down the drain just like the First one did.

  • Leo

I really don't know what to make of if..."is said to feel like you are actually pushing buttons located under the screen"... Ok... So what's the point of having a touchscreen then if it'll feel like buttons... in that case, I'd rather stick to real buttons...

  • David

Looks interesting. 5 observations or issues whatever u might call it.

1. Very ugly interface, looks like old LG interface from 2005-2006

2. Bad Camera

3. It's Aluminium, not real metal, which messes with reception

4. The back and the sides are ripped from the Sony Ericsson Aino which was announced in Jan

5. Too thick for phone with a bad camera and the usual specsheet.

  • elina

perfect with wifi..

  • Win7RTM

Yeah I can picture it: a multitouch spongy-like surface that's firm to touch. Not to mention Wi-fi. RIM didn't go wrong here.

  • Kean

Piezo technology? Sounds good!

  • a

1st yes!!