Samsung Wave is Samsung's first Bada smartphone

12 February, 2010
It seems the WMC 2010 is off to an early start. Samsung have displayed on billboards their latest phone - the Bada-based Samsung Wave. It's the first phone with the new Samsung OS and no doubt it will be...

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  • pradip prajapati

samsung s7233e softwear problam solosion

  • soma sk

having awesome touch screen . never seen before like this type of touch . good camera . but only thing is new software bada . I think its less than android os . is there any solution for that . some time cell becomes hang. is there any solution . plz reply

  • dejan

you forgot to write that its samsungs first and last bada phone,couse i dont think its gonna be on any other phone,bada will die

  • Dilip

SHAHID, 28 Jul 2010plz sey me that can this fone have feather to locate area like c... morecheck in message setting carefully. you will get it.

  • Anonymous

nice handset but many problems with internet,......

  • Jimnas KP Cochin

The samsung wave is the best phone i have ever owned by far,being an avid fan of a slide phone it was only a last minute decision that made me go for the wave,where do i start with the good points ,well its touch screen is so responsive its brilliant,the clarity of the screen is second to none,the camera takes great photo's the music player is great as well making a call & txt are a pleasure,internet is fast & the phone is so easy to use.It has a fantastic look, very sleek and shiney! At first it is a little confusing to get to grips with as I had a less advanced phone previously, but it doesnt take long to getto grips with. There are plenty of features to suit all the needs I require from it. The touch screen is also much better than any I have had before.................... Jim


plz sey me that can this fone have feather to locate area like cellinfo shows. plz reply me?? i m waiting my email id

  • Reia

Ok just found the article must've typed a vague keyword LOL

  • Reia

I think this is already available here in the Phil. I wish GSM Arena can make a review on it. I want to know if I should stick with my Omnia II or try Galaxy S (but that doesn't have any flash support for the browser and also for the cam :) ). So i'm thinking about getting this one instead.

  • Giri

kanishk, 05 Jul 2010in indian language bada jus means 'big'In Korea "BADA" meand "WAVE"

  • Anonymous

One thing which makes this phone so special is its SUPER AMOLED screen and i am so lovin it... I enjoy the WOW effect when someone sees its

  • ronn

just checked out samsung wave for the first time, the best i have seen, though i would like to see galaxy also.

  • kanishk

in indian language bada jus means 'big'

  • Nikhil shinde

Its a great phone i own one, just have a look at the screen resolution and try playing movie in AVI file .. it rocks..

The image clarity is too ausome, even after 8 gb card fully filled with data the phone does not even blink so has a great processor too.

Overall out 10 i can give 9.5 to the phone.

buy it u will enjoy it for sure

  • ae

nice phone, but I have only one comment.. why the internal memory capacity is only 2GB instead of making more memory, they already have 16GB in omnia and now they go back to 2GB..
if they don't make it higher or at least 16GB, i believe this phone will not be successful in terms of market share.... Go to 32GB pls.... or i might stick to my IPONE...

  • kiran

In korean language "bada" means OCEAN

  • Phil

From what i read on Wikipedia it only comes in 2gb/8gb flavours of internal memory, this is quite small and disappoint i feel, given that this is pretty much a successor to the omnia and it came with 16gb maximum and it is geared towards video watching

  • Anonymous

as i know bada is also a name of a female korean singer..does this phone specially made for women???

  • Anonymous

bada means big in hindi

  • vlad

Bada-bing bada-boom!!! nothing much to expect...!