Get your free Opera Mini now!

24 Jan, 2006
Opera software has announced the release of their latest Java based web browser for mobile phones - the Opera Mini. The software compresses the web pages by up to 80% and formats them...

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  • orangemaze

I have downloaded it to a Motorola A630, works great.

To answer a few questions that I saw in the posts.

Accessing a bank site should be secure, unless your carrier does not support SSL. GSM/GPRS/EDGE technology has many built in security features.

How much does this cost to use? That really depends on your carrier. Some carriers like T-mobile have unlimited T-zones, but I am unsure if this will work with just T-zones, as I have a full data plan, others charge per kb, check with your carrier.

  • NokiaMia

I've been using it for 2 dyas now. REALLY SUPERB!!!! Works flawlessly in my 6230i. I just downloaded the pgm into my wife's 6230. Works fine too. SUPERB!!!

  • german

i have downloaded the opera mini to my sony ericsson k300 and believe me, this is the best thing ever made!! buti have a question, when you start opera mini, do you spend your celphone“s budget/credit?? thanks!!!!

  • NokiaMia

Phuaong - it works well on my 6230i. No problem at all. FYI, i downloaded it thru the web link.

By the way - do you know that you're supposed to open the program from the "application" menu and select "opera mini"?

  • Phuong

I am using Nokia 6230i with GPRS working but it can only work with Nokia internal browser ! the Opera browser does not work !
It say "Processing..." and keep on that status. No error message! no GPRS icon appear at all.
somebody has this expeeriense solved please drop an answer
My mobile operator: GSM - Vietnam - Vinaphone - 452-02

  • suexilin

Today i got opera mini on my Siemens C75, though it wasn't listed as a supported phone. I ran first the test program, and it returned "ok, success", so i downloaded oprea mini. it works fast and well, i'm absolutely happy. I downloaded it even on my roommates's phone, Nokia 3100, and it works without problems. great :):)

  • Gix

May I use a WAP Gateway to connect to internet with the Opera Mini? Thanks!

  • Neo

hey does it reduce our balance for every web page we visit ?

i mean i heard that coz it converts the data into a compatible format it charges for it

is it true ?

  • Anonymous

This is better than the Opera full version for Nokia 6630 and NetFront. I used to own Nokia 6630 and used all of its feature, I mean all. Gave it away to my brother, as I wait for Nokia E60/70. In the meantime, I making do with a Nokia 6800. Installed the opera mini. This thing works like a charm, it is awesome.

  • marco

hey, i bougth time ago the opera full version 8.5 for my nokia 6630, works very good, better than the nokia browser. and also i try the opera mini, both work fine, but the 8.5 version is more complete, more features and faster. also i installed the yahoo go! unfortunality, this services was lauched only for cingular and att, but as a t-mobile customer, i could use it. yes, everything works fine. the only problem i have is the yahoo messenger does not connect. i dont know why but i cant. the rest of the features work fine. yahoo photos, mail, search. And also the installed the new google search.. is like google earth.. works really good. is very clear, very good quality, the maps are clear, the sattelite pics are amazing.
with 4.99 i get unlimited internet EDGE in t-mobile, so i dont have to worry about pay extra for data..
really, nokia 6630, yahoo, google and t-mobile, work excellent !! any question, email me

  • Anonymous

simply the best browser for the phone!!! its so simply to use on my c65..... i recomend it to everybody

  • Bilal

I just want to the developers to add a web page saving function in this opera browser no doubt its a very usefull software but whats the use if we cant save any web pages ex. if i want to save my final result from the wepsite and later i can transfer it to my computer plz add this feature because its a need for all of us. Thank u all and good work opera mini...

  • Scoddy

I work at carphone warehouse and reccommend Opera Mini to all my customers. It is an amazing piece of software, anyone can use it on any colour java enabled phone to access any web page at a fraction of money! Well done Opera!! Very well made program!!

  • Chops

It switches off my phone mid-browsing. Very irritating. All in all a good program, but neither as advanced nor error/bug-free as it should be.

  • chris977

i have the same problem as Rakesh. please somebody tell how to chat on yahoo messenger with opera.

  • neolit

Opera Mini is simply amazing. 11/10 if not more.

  • Ombewa

The mini opera gives out of heap memory on Siemens C55. Which version should I install and what's the access link?

  • Rakesh

Hi i own a 6630 mobile phone .
i have successfully installed opera mini on mine phone ..but i have a prob in chating when i clikc yahoo messenger it ..asks for a username and password after sign in is not displaying my messenger at all ...this is bad coz my default browser will display my friends list ..and when ever i choose a link it says u have to agree to EULA terms n conditions what is that please advice

Opera ROCKS !

  • zeeshan nasir

it works good on my mobile, very nice features and error free working, i love it...

  • shigeo

i have it installed on my samsung d357 (the PTt one from cingular) and it works great. love it layout and feel of the operations.