Acer unveils beTouch E120 and beTouch E130

17 June, 2010
Acer presented two new Android-based smartphones today - the candybar beTouch E120 and the QWERTY-bar beTouch E130. Both devices run on Android v1.6 Donut, have 3.2 megapixel snappers...

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  • refaat

good phone good battary but small screen

  • Anonymous

looks like a white blackberry... specs zzzz

  • Anonymous

Android OS is funny. New phones come with old android os. It's like buying a new stylish, powerful laptop/pc with windows98 os.

  • PLOY

Finally... an Android phone with QWERTY-bar type. I have been waiting for a model like this!! BUT.... how is Acer's phone????

  • HateAndroid

I had an Android 1.6 device for three days, than I gave it away for less than 10% of the original price. You live and learn. That was an expensive lesson.

  • Anonymous

Both look dated and lame

  • Anonymous

I shall buy the Touch E120 the moment as it is available. Beautiful phones both of them.

  • Zobi

Android 1.6 on QVGA, who they kidding?

  • tang

good looking

  • Saeedgho

White versions look pretty but Donut is some kind of outdated.i think they are good as android entry level phones

  • Dave

Not bad looking. But not well specified