Flash 10.1 final available for smartphones with Android 2.2

23 June, 2010
Adobe just announced the release of Flash Player 10.1 to mobile platforms. Already available on the Android Market, Flash Player 10.1 will be available in its final production release for all Android smartphones...

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  • Naila

How to download flash player for nokia 5530 pls hellp me

  • Tech-King

Microsoft Silverlight is coming to eat Adobe's Flash :x

  • akash from nepal

good news now i can able to see fashion tv hd in mobile

  • izzaa bizzza

ive got the H1 samsung 360 if it had full flash it would be a decent phone. and its got 720p HD video which would be cool to watch LiMo needs more flash and apps

  • Girl19

I hope 2.2 will come soon for my htc desire!
PLS let me know if u can download it! can't wait to get it on my phone!:D

  • DAniell

Oh,verry good news....i have Android phone but i don't know how to isntall 10.1 Final.

  • Anonymous

Flash is available only for Androids running FroYo? That's redundant seeing as how there aren't any FroYos on the market.

  • b

Well, there is really an advantage if you don't have flash running on your phones - no irritating flash ads! You can't deny that...

  • Anonymous

Ignorance is a state of being uninformed, which quite clearly both of you are. It infuriates me all these prats on here slagging the iPhone because it doesn't have flash, or because everyone who owns an iPhone just regurgitates Steve Jobs words... When you say these things, you are just doing the same thing yourself, jumping on the Google bandwagon. Everyone should take two steps back and look at them for what they are.

The iPhone (I'm basing this on 4) has a very, very powerful set of features, a logical fluid UI/OS and is a far more polished product than anything else that is out their. It caters to the majority of the market, which is why Apple gets their hype, because they make products that improve the life of most people. Android on the other hand is all about being 'free,' however the only additional freedom you get is the fact you can break your phone without them interfering. Android still has no logical OS, multi-tasking I'm sorry to say is not practical on phones running like it would on a PC and flash is a terrible product, think how often it crashes your computer browser? Most people don't miss flash, it's just all these so called "tech savvy" people who are really aren't slate the iPhone. Android has it's positives, if you truly know what you are doing, but changing themes and skins, which is the limitation to what most people can do... Get's boring. iPhone 4 is a great product, as is Android, I just don't feel Android has a polished product on the market yet. Nexus felt rushed to me. But always look both ways, not one way or another, because with amount of Android phones coming out with custom UI's eventually one will get it right...

  • Bricked

[deleted post]Nice argument. Lol.

I see you are not used to critical debate. Give it up.

  • noro

Works superbly on nexus one,way better than the beta :P GO ANDROID!!!!

  • Deep space bar

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2010Nokia? Flash 10.1. N900. NAO!It will have it soon im waiting as well bro but 9.4 is still nice

  • Anonymous

Flash is today, Flash is future ... way to go Andriod

  • Anonymous

only flash player available for froyo is beta 3 in market still hmmm.. maybe need official build.

  • simon

i cant find this anywhere on android market place i have a desire where should i look?

  • Bricked

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2010apple fanboys dun need any choice cuz they just follow what stev... moreYes, and we're very happy that our web pages don't slow down.

Enjoy your intrusive ads, and music people.

  • Anonymous

you hear that,apple?!?!

  • PurpleSprite

So not for myTouch Slide? It is supposed to get 2.2 when it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

Can't wait to buy my Samsung Captivate and be able to get full web browsing!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2010@Jon Well now you have the choice. Nothing says you have to ... moreapple fanboys dun need any choice cuz they just follow what steve gave them in the iphone.