Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, 1 million dollar phone launched

12 August, 2010
GoldVish's Le Million Piece Unique isn't the only mobile phone with a seven digit price tag out there anymore. It has just been joined by the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, which matches its price tag of...

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Anonymous, 15 Aug 2010Once you own this kind of phone, you will able to magnetize thie... morehave to spend anada million for its security...


not my style...

  • King

What if caught fire.. Poor African 200 year old black wood :D

  • n3m0

they shud let Apple sell this ... then every1 will buy ... coz it's Apple ftw !@!@

  • haqan

i heard you get a house with it, why not

  • Sun

Don't think this company will have problemes in selling the 3 phones... It's pointless to add eny comment about the price...i just hope that there will be a Judgement Day....

  • phoneaddict

I bought one of this phone, left it at the airport, when I came back only the phone was left. The diamonds are all gone. Please help me to find the diamonds.

  • Pongerz007

Id rather buy a new car...

  • VODA

i wlll have 2, in case the 1st one gets tatty

  • BB_baby

good lord ! very very expensive !

  • zack

1m us dollar for an exclusive phone, worth buying it!!:)

  • Anonymous

Once you own this kind of phone, you will able to magnetize thieves!! LOL!!

  • Zobi

I not gonna buy this one. I prefers a black diamond 100% pure platinum gold for my iPhone.

  • ghanshyam

what to say about d phone. Why only 3 pcs.? Whether the manufacturer feel that they wont be able to sell more of this ?

  • dact

pay monthly... 1000 years long contract ;]

  • Kiron

Yess, finally a phone distinctly made for me.
I think I'll get one.
Hmm, I don't think I'll get one, ya I just changed my mind, not that I can't get one but I am not admitting it.

  • Anonymous

The sad part is that there are people out there who CAN afford this phone yet millions of americans go without healthcare on a daily basis.

  • Worf

Wouldn't you rather just have a Droid X?

  • solitiare s

bad..... give the money to charity and i would buy a more customized special order phone from any special brand. even a china phone would defeat this 24 carat brick

  • bigs

I'll wait for the Chinese KIRF