Orange UK offers Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini Fashion Edition

4 November, 2010
Orange UK is going to offer exclusively a Fashion Edition of the likable Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini. It's a standard black XPERIA X10 mini with two free fashion jackets and some style-oriented apps...

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  • a. nonymous

Ye SE rules.. im soooo glad i got the brilliant Satio last year.. hold on wait let me think for a minute.. erm sorry SE suck lol.. ive had SE handsets for years namely.. w900i, k800i, k750i, d905, satio.. had loads of problems with the last three models!!.. this year opted fot HTC Desire HD.. wow what a phone!! decission i ever not the best but its so much better than my mates x10 ha ha.. he says he'd wished he'd waited for the HD now

  • rad

I've updated my mini yesterday to the 2.1 platform. It's out in the uk for the non-branded handsets. Ta.

  • deepak

SE will loose its customers due to delay in releasing its update..
today android 2.3 had been released,but SE still runs 1.6..

  • Bunty

Ladies ???, 05 Nov 2010don't get angry but 90% has no idea about android lol :D ther... moreHi u dont get angry becouse I m not from sony ericsson but a lover user of sony ericsson I only want 2 say u that the inteligence and smart people can use only sony ericsson, better from ur bad resolution and cheaper samsung corby.

  • Anonymous

S.E. Your d best!

S.E. R0CKS!!!

  • Menay

After using serveral SE phone from W900i to Xperia X1, I have to say:
Sony Ericsson Phones suck sofar.
Not SE phone anymore.

  • Ladies ???

don't get angry but 90% has no idea about android lol :D

there are two kind of ladies, one gets iPhone cause they think that is fashionable and icon of statute, the other gets cheaper colorful phones like lg wink or samsung corby because they are cheap.

  • bummy

june dubai , 04 Nov 2010no one will gonna buy SONY ERICSSON product you made a huge mist... moreI think you over-estimated the tech-savy-ness of the general consumer. The average consumer needs branding to tell them whats good.

  • Anonymous

Isnt this old information? i've seen it in the local orange store past 2 weeks if not more.

  • Anonymous

It ain't working anymore, SE!

  • june dubai

no one will gonna buy SONY ERICSSON product you made a huge mistake for delaying the upgrades for 2.1

  • Pav Dhande

It's been out for a while, from what I understand.