O2 and T-Mobile UK launch XPERIA X10 Android 2.1 update

19 November, 2010
We have some more good news for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 UK users. The Android 2.1 update is already rolling out on the O2 UK network, while T-Mobile UK is preparing for a next week launch...

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  • Anonymous

T-mobile update is out guys!!

  • vab

T-mobile is also updating its xperia series, im upgrading now. Finally the day has arrived! Yipeeee...go on guys check ur phones now.

  • FFS

NZ89, 24 Nov 2010what about orange customer? when they will get the update versio... more......the same time as everyone else. Download the software...

  • NZ89

what about orange customer? when they will get the update version of android?

  • mauk

on xda they even lunched 2.2(froyo) today for x10, it has some bugs but in benchmarks is over nexus 2.2 with a mile. so in my opinion SE is outdated .... sorry for you guys .... you lost here a future customer...lucky that you have the xda dev comunity..
long live XDA

  • FFS

Ozair, 23 Nov 2010how can i get this updated?Seriously!?! Have you heard of google or perhaps the sony software updater?

  • Ozair

how can i get this updated?

  • Kil43

I am running 2.1 on X10 mini but am having some odd issues with the lock screen(s). Basically my misses does not want the slide to unlock screen, just the dot pattern - but when the dot pattern is activated the slide to unlock still appears making her effectively unlock the phone twice to use it but does not happen every time.

Anyone know of a way round this?

  • Kil43

adigacom, 20 Nov 2010is the x10 mini included in this update ??Yes X10 mini and X10 mini pro are included. Running 2.1 on my misses X10 mini but make sure you backup ALL info that you want saving as the phone is completely wiped.

  • namez bond

Funky D, 22 Nov 2010Thanks buddy !glad i could help mate! :D

  • Funky D

namez bond, 20 Nov 2010make sure you download the latest version of PC companion 1st be... moreThanks buddy !

  • Anonymous

I've used both phones and own an xperia x10. Without a doubt even with 2.1 update, the Xperia X10 is still quite a bit slower than the Galaxy S. I'm quite amazed and Sony Ericsson ability to make a 1Ghz processor feel slow. Hint tho, use quick system info app to kill face recognition service. it consumes over 50% cpu!

  • Aalok Jani (India)

its available in India also.. All Indian user may update quickly.
first download PC companin CD on your PC
connect your fone to pc and start Internet.
den go for software updation.
it will take 30 mins to update the phone. so please keep your bettry full, and pl do your update at night/ or in AC room for lasting bettry performace.
any qury call +919925153652

  • ramesh

dont go for 2.1 update nothing is there better then 1.6 once cheek and update if u int

  • SK

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2010Id have to see that to believe it. I think the phone is still a ... more
If you think it's slow, then you will consider the galaxy s a turtle!

  • Anonymous

Divx, 20 Nov 2010 After the update to 2.1 my phone is even faster than my friend... moreId have to see that to believe it. I think the phone is still a bit slow

  • Anonymous

se= make.believe

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2010same like me !
enjoy the update by Rogers ;)

  • Anonymous

Funky D, 20 Nov 2010Dude, i'm also with Rogers but when i checked for update, my pho... moresame like me !

  • namez bond

LIMO, 20 Nov 2010i have updated my x10 ,but there is a problem regarding the sett... moreyou know you have to log in using your google account to view the calender right?
& make sure your connect to a wi-fi or 3g network FIRST...you know when you press on turn on wi-fi, it takes a minute for it to actually find the saved hotspot if you're there say at your home using your own router...don't leave that settings page & click on browser...wait till it says 'connected to _____' hope this helps.