Over 43 percent of the Android devices out there run Froyo now

2 December, 2010
It’s been a month since Google’s last report on the Android versions usage and here comes the next one. It is based on data collected during the last two weeks of November and reveals that the Froyo...

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  • Anonymous

The galaxys s one failing is Sasmsungs own software knowledge itself,Samsung phones through the years have had suspect software at times and the big delay for samsung getting froyo to the galaxy shows this when the likes of the desire got it since last august.

  • Anonymous

Still waiting for froyo in Greece. Come on samsung do something for us...

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if current android phones'll get Android 3.0 update or not ?

I heard that 3.x needs a better hardware (for ex: dual core) and can not be upgradable by older android phones.

Any idea?

  • YO

hero with froyo CyanogenMod :)) count for 2.2 percentage? i hope yes

  • Seabass978

Samsung wheres my froyo dessert for my vibrant! My cousin's motorola droid X which he got last month came with froyo already but I don't mind if the vibrant skips for gingerbread instead.

  • naveen

iam using samsung galaxy3 android 2.1 its rocking but when can i get 2.2 in that

  • allen93

still waiting for my Froyo update for my samsung galaxy s. android is so slow!!!

  • aison

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2010when is 2.2 coming to the wildfire???? i got told its out and sc... more2.3 is coming out soon too. I hope you get your update so they don't leave you in the dust. You shouldn't have to root to get latest updates. Come on Android manufacturers, pick up the pace =(

  • Anonymous

43 percent? Thats over 9000!!

  • Anonymous

when is 2.2 coming to the wildfire???? i got told its out and scaned forvupdate and it nothibg was found, but also got told that it will come to the wildfire at the end of the year!!!!!!

  • Gino

If only retards at Gnusmas hurried up and gave us Froyo for Galaxy S.......

  • smire22

But Sony Ericsson 0 percent froyo for now! It is not Good!

  • Masti4ever

Good..but n8 roxxx

  • Anonymous

android grows up and quickly and this is the best way to prove it

  • Anonymous