Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro successor is a real beast

29 December, 2010
The ultra compact smartphone niche has obviously brought enough cash to Sony Ericsson as it is just about to release a successor to their X10 mini pro. The new device is yet unnamed, but seems to fix all...

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bzact, 21 Jan 2011Wooh!!! only 3 inch screen, not a good one.. 3.2 would hv been ... moreWhat's the use of the word "mini" in the Xperia Mini Pro if you enlarge it's screen, if it's screen will be big, it's not mini at all, and Xperia mini and mini pro are the world's smallest hd recording phones,

  • dyson

prince, 07 Feb 2011Hello Sony Ericsson Developers, We need a 4" inch screen... more3.7" not good enough?

  • prince

Hello Sony Ericsson Developers,

We need a 4" inch screen version with a physical keyboard!

  • bzact

Wooh!!! only 3 inch screen, not a good one..
3.2 would hv been great..FAIL (screen size)!!!!!


no matter what ...i always loved SE & will always love it.
what a phone that makes...awesome

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Nice features

  • adrian_c

I dont believe that Anzu will be dual core, because SE has a lame policy - allways offering less than Its competitors. SE has excellent cameras, decent audio processors and, thats pretty much all. I have a x10, and I can tell you that its a beautiful device, it has a great camera and audio output. Sadly, good things stop here. the quality of the mateials is lame, that plastic on the back feels as cheap as a chinese toy. The metal-like band arround the phone would look and feel much better if it was actually made from metal, not plastic. You see guys, its aluminium time, unibody time, but unfortunately SE doesnt give a .... ( you know what) Same thing about software too.

  • sonu

i like it very much,come- on- sonyericsson.

  • Pavel

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2010Pavel, Anzu will NOT be a flagship phone.I will not be surprised,but how do you know???))

  • Pachi

Of course it fast cause its rendering half VGA.

  • Anonymous

i love this super phone .

  • Anonymous

quality---- se rocks

  • sonylover

YAHOO!!! Great work SONY Ercisscon! Can't wait for its next update. will surely add this one to my xperia family collection. i got the two Xs. The X10 black and X10 mini black. Please continue to work with these kind of devices. I am an avid fan of Sony that's why I patronize their products. SONY ROCKS!!! Yeah!! I love you sony

  • Johnny

Thanks Sonyericsson! This better be true, as long as the battery improves significantly and the screen res. You have sold one already.

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericcson is doing real good Job! Difference in every new model :) that too what customers seek !! I will stick with SE :) right now with Xperia X10.

But SE Please provide timely software updates for all recent models!
It will surely win the customers hearts

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2010s.e. the king !!!yes.... no doubt indeed......
s.e. rocks

  • Anonymous

SE reserves xperia duo for their dual core xperia phones so i think anzu will be a dual core phone

  • dion

cyber-shot under dog, 30 Dec 2010Isn't that this device feels more like what the x8 was with the x10?x12 mini is not comparable to x8.. x12 mini is very special device.. but the screen res HVGA n still adequate.. maybe anzu will get dual core.. ;)

  • Anonymous

Ek, 30 Dec 2010do not buy android phones that don't have wvga resolutions! android is about revolution, not just resolution matters

  • cyber-shot under dog

Isn't that this device feels more like what the x8 was with the x10?