Leaked slides show HTC Desire HD2, Desire 2 and Wildfire 2

11 February, 2011
Leaked slides detail the specs on three new HTC phones, all three of them sequels. The HTC Desire HD2, Desire 2 and the HTC Wildfire 2 were exposed with some juicy and some confusing specs...

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  • htcFAN

The HD2 is available in aus, but the desire HD2 is not.. take a bit more notice of the names as they are very similar. the HD2 is actually a windows phone. the desire HD2 is an android...

  • Akira

What the heck... HTC desire 2 has less RAM than the Desire S... and btw is the HTC Desire HD2 really 3.3" screen?

  • Anonymous

spindoo, 17 Feb 2011does anyone know when is desire hd2 being released. I thought d... morethey are selling the hd2 here...but this is the desire hd 2 its a different phone altogether

the sequel to the desire hd which was only released late last year...this wont be coming for a while yet..

  • spindoo

does anyone know when is desire hd2 being released.
I thought desire hd2 already being sold in Australia.hmmmmm
I am confused....

can you please notify...thanks

  • my name

htc is not so good on built in speaker and camera. i think they should eyeing nokia, who knows nokia get bankrup then quickly buy nokia.

  • Anonymous

I've been through a few HTCs and love them, but the new products seem to be lacking... Unless HTC announce the Desire HD 2 officially in the next couple of months I'll be jumping on the samsung bandwagon...

  • prom

all these specification arent true, they r leaked, so they can change, just wait for the official release. htc was is n always be the best manufacturer of hardware in the world.

  • HTC Delicious

No choice dude,they juz keep release new phones to go war with other manufacturers...if not they will fall and there will be no HTC name anymore

AMH, 11 Feb 2011If these specs are true, then it's a shame!!!!!!! i wont buy HT... moreIt's a little bit disappointing... The Desire HD2 to have only 512 MB of Ram?? The Atrix has 1 GB, the new Galaxy S2 has 1 GB...

  • Anonymous

JDCohen722, 12 Feb 2011This is unbelievable, I just purchased the Desire HD, and now th... moreWhy not then research before buying? When will the next electronics expo take place? When is it likely updates will appear?

  • Kulek

No optical trackpad in Desire 2? I'm disappointed, they add little RAM and front camera. Are they hired someone from apple or what?

  • Anonymous

I just bought wildfire about month ago, and now theres wf2 coming -_-

Well I quess I just have to use my WF until my contrac' with operator is over, and then I'll think what android phone I'll get, but by then, WF 3 is coming, Im sure

  • JDCohen722

This is unbelievable, I just purchased the Desire HD, and now thers already a Desire HD2 4months later!! I cannot believe this, Samsunghas a full 12 months before a successor is announced. This has really put me off HTC !!!!!!! I dont think I ever want to by a device from them again...

  • joe_11

HD2 with 512mb ram??
i'm disappointed with this specs
since LG and Samsung will realese in 2011 with 1Gb ram

  • IceDree

Maybe they are going Motorola style like Milestone 1 & Milestone 2

  • Anonymous

I want the desire hd2, i'm freaking in love with it, but I'd truly love if it had front facing camera, I'd be happy to pay a few hundred bucks for it if that were the case :D
Ps do you hear me htc? Put a front facing camera on it and I'll give you my money! !

  • Anonymous

so now HTC will try to kill the ¨ancient¨ desire in favour for the almost identical desire 2 as what they did to hero when legend came,, and it was about time we see a dual-cpu mobile even if desire HD is only few monthes old,, for me if HTC mnages to increase the battery life then dual-CPU with sense is not a bad deal at all!

  • Anonymous

Its been well documented that Htc have really been resting on their laurels for the past years,i own the origional htc desire and it was a brilliant,innovative phone,an industry leader. Since then htc and brought out about 12 identical phones just with different names and minimim tweaks,eg. the evo,desire hd,thunderbolt.

Innovation seems to be gone,something has gone seriously wrong with htc and if these specs are true then they are going to massively disappoint in the market this year.

I for one will not be getting an htc desire 2 as its an upgrade akin to the annual iphone ones.....minimal

  • AMH

If these specs are true, then it's a shame!!!!!!!
i wont buy HTC again.

  • b

If the desire 2 specs are true, i would be so disappointed! i want to get rid of the htc wildfire for the desire 2!!

might go to SE or samsung :)
(providing the desire 2 specs are THAT disappointing)