Leaked Dell 2011 roadmaps reveal tablet and smartphone lineups

17 February, 2011
Two Dell roadmaps – one for smartphones, and one for tablets - leaked today, showing all the company has planned to launch in 2011. The leak is quite substantial covering all of Dell’s Android and....

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  • margie k.

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  • Stadtionalist

I previously used the Qteq 9100, HTC TyTn II, Omnia B7610 and currently the HTC Desire Z. The Dell Hancock is surely going to be my next phone, IF is had an AMOLED (or a more powerefficient) display. Already available in September? Promise?

  • Rahul Sharma

niceeeeeeeee !

  • Adam Conolly

Can someone from Dell confirm or deny this document. I presently use a HTC HD2 and I am tired of the device, i think it is too much of a iphone imitation. I was going to get the Dell Streak but wanted to wait for a successor to the Dell Streak 5 ie the rumored Dell Opus One hoping for much higher screen resolution,better sound quality,better speaker sound and better battery power.I hope this document isn't true, Acer just came out with the Acer Iconia Smart billed for release in April, will check that out if it is better than the streak then I am a goner. The specs seem better than the Streak ie higher screen resolution, OS, sound system. Come Dell get your acts together, stop putting out phones with outdated OS versions.

  • TYT

maybe windows 98 :)

  • Anonymous


  • Yet Another Android

"The More Intruiging Dell Hancock is running our beloved Android. And look, it's Running Ice Cream version (that our phones will never be updated to so get ready to be mad Android only fanboys) that we know we will love yet have never seen anything on it but because it says Android, We at GSMArena will definitely give it as much lip service as we can. Oh the Joy, it's Running the Holy Grail of OS'es. We're saved!!!"

CERBERUS, 17 Feb 2011windows 8????yes which means Windows 8 will be out by end of year

  • Jay

CERBERUS, 17 Feb 2011windows 8????Yes Windows 8 is coming in 2012.

  • Anonymous

cool beans.

  • Milance



windows 8????