LG KE850 Prada goes official

18 Jan, 2007
Today LG officially confirmed their upcoming LG Prada phone. Featuring a full touch-control design, the new handset is the result from the collaboration between the Korean manufacturer and the Prada...

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  • Anonymous

it is for guys and girls im a guy and think it is really good

  • chinstarp

is this phone for guys or girls ? ....

  • Dave

It IS a good phone, trust, all good

  • redroover

Think this is a guys or girls phone?

  • cyberphilou

there is MP3 ringtones ???

  • Shaz

I have ordered a LG Prada an i am waiting for it to arrive... i can't yet say much about it coz i havn't had a chance to plav around with it yet... but after readin gud comments on this fone i guess it will be a gud phone.. i shud be receiving it in 7 - 14 days an i will see whts it like an id drop in a comment hopefully.. soundss cool though...

  • Diego BRAZIL

I'm brazilian and as every one in this page, I can't wait for the moment to buy it. A hundred percent touch screen is fascinable, it's status for businessman. Unfortunetilly, no prevision to sell in Brazil, but I will buy whatever it custs..

  • Kashif Riaz Khan

Hi, i m kashif 4rm Pakistan.i did not use any LG cell phone but after studying its features and its outlook. i will surely purchase this cell phone when it will launch in Pakistan. Accoding to my point of view it is perfect made for businessmen, govt officer and for those people who are intrested in expensive handsets. i hope that this cellphone will break all LG cellphones selling records.

  • soulja

what will be the price of the prada in the u.s

  • ken19


schneider-kreuznach is also used in KODAK easyshare compact,ultracompact and prosumer cameras, it's a matter of imaging knowhow, that lens together equipped in kodak cameras surpasses car-zeiss used in cybershot cameras from sony. samsung is just too young and has lesser imaging know-how than sony,canon,fujifilm panasonic and olympus. don't blame that optic lens for the poor image quality(as you are implying) in NV series of samsung.

  • Anonymous

This phone is sexy... can't wait till we get it in australia

  • graham

I think the best internal "functioning" phone was the LG8380 and if it would have the Motorola look U have a fantastic mobile. Does this Prada work like the 8380. oops you wouldn't know what a businessmen wants in a phone. I don't have time to pick out all the benifits So pick up the LG8380 1st learn how to use it like a businessmen. Then see what im talking about. Yes LG made a magic phone many phones ago that i still preferr to use. But the design of LG-8380 is weak!

  • ccdarkness

The PRADA Phone by LG will be available with prices starting from 600 EUR in the UK, France, Germany and Italy as of late February, 2007

  • Anonymous

The price of the this phone will be 1200SGD and around 800USD.
Price is very high because it is a branded phone. I am here to share some informations. Blieve or not

  • sunny

ya... so how much is this phone goin be ?

  • mikee

how m,uch is this phone gonna be in england

  • skagen

"Schneider-Kreuznach" lens in the camera? Would that be the same brand lens in found the Samsung NV series compact cameras, whcih have abysmal photo quality? Why yes?

Are consumers THUS gullible that even an obscure german-sounding name can be used to sell garbage?

  • ken19

but the fact is that W950 will cost alot cheaper than iphone. because it's a full-fledged music phone camera is negligible. i'll wait if iphone's music player UI will come close or better than the best music UI in a phone available.

please don't make early conclusions about the browser, you won't know who's gonna be better and faster in browsing experience. also note that w950 has been in a year already while the iphone will still be launched at june, maybe it will be fair to match it with the upcoming SE music successor of W950 in the future. also note wifi isn't always everywhere, and it sucks battery very fast, apple's ipod nano battery doesn't convince me to go for it against network-walkman's battery. though i loved it's friendly and easy to use UI. 3G network is rapidly growing around countries and you can surf everywhere without the need for a hotspot=D.

but admit iphone is really futuristic.

  • teresa

are they planning on releasing the prada lg phone in america? and if so when???

  • Anonymous

LG and Prade, just doesnt figure!