Samsung unveils Galaxy S Plus, ticks at 1.4GHz

13 April, 2011
Samsung has been treating the Russian market with an unusually warm heart lately. The other day they announced the Star II Duos and today it has pulled the veil on the special Galaxy S Plus 2011 edition...

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  • juee

how to solve the unlock for galaxy s plus ?

  • Aamircolzz

One of the GREATEST smartphones on the planet..........really amazing!!!

  • ajju

waiting..... if launch first person to but it..!!

  • Sakis

is it an unofficial product?only for russia?release date?because nothing is said on samsung.comWANT TO BUY TI!

  • aloy

best of the best

A SAMOLED+ phone a bit cheaper than the SGS2 would have been nice...

  • manoeroenk

Android Killer, 14 Apr in june we can expect 1.6ghz in july 1.8ghz in august 2g... moreagree with you..

they are kidding us..

Jon, 14 Apr 2011This doesn't have camera flash? WHY?
Ask the smart guys in samsung not me!

  • Jon

[deleted post]This doesn't have camera flash? WHY?

no flash no good

  • Anonymous

Please note that this product is the same Samsung Galaxy I9003 sl with a chip overclocked to 1.4 Ghz and marketed as a new version for russia so don`t be stupid buying it like it is some new model "from samsung with love". One more thing, smartphones without a flash light are not worth it!.

vince, 14 Apr 2011yeah! it has that powerful processor and all that techie feature... moreIts back is metallic !! read the news before commenting.

  • sammy

am from Samsung Korea, specifically the factory for AMOLED. And we are in the prototype of the next screen for the super phone (not smart phone). This Super Phone will be a 3D capable phone sporting a 4.5 Ultra AMOLED. Ultra AMOLED is: a very thin flexible screen with 640x960 resolutions. It has a Light absorbing technology in which the more it is exposed to direct sunlight, the more it is very readable (Mirasol display?), and it has 900 nits of brightness but lesser battery consumption. The screen is still in prototype but it will surely be the BEST BEAST!Exynos on the other side will be overhauled. Samsung will also shift from premium plastic to Premium Aluminim chasis.

galaxy s2 mini could have been announced instead of this. this phone doesn't have a flash.

  • vince

yeah! it has that powerful processor and all that techie features but just look at the back of the phone... made of plastic and no flash for the sucks!!!!

  • opixon

Looking at the comparison between I9000 and I9001 the latter must be heavier, with the metalic back you don't expect less.

  • Totoro

"unusually warm heart"?? For chrissakes, we're still waiting for bada 1.2 to come to our Waves officially and not as a leaked beta version! Europe has it since December or so already, I believe...

  • Anonymous

Andresoid, 14 Apr 2011So, Samsung launches yet another phone... it's quite annoying, i... morecoz its unlocked, thats why.

For the same price, get instead the SGS 2. I cant wait to have SGS 2 on my carrier here in Dubai ;)

  • Lana

Laurynas, 13 Apr 2011Nice update! :) I have searched some info about a "Super... moreAgain with this crap over here.

  • Pakistani

I think it is useless to get this galaxy S better to stick with the old one :)