HTC Sensation vs LG Optimus 2X: The 1080p shootout

23 April, 2011
So far HTC handsets have hardly been the shooters of choice to the cellular photographer. Well judging from what you are about to see things might be just about to change. We've got a video shootout of the...

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  • HTClo

How can you compare these videos? They were shot with different hands!!! :)

These messages seem not to be filtered at all... I'll have to conclude from the 100 useless posts that the video's are genuine, but that it is not so clear to whether the HTC Sensation is the retail version. I cannot properly judge the 1080p as I am on a 900p portable, HTC-s looks sharper but the colours are unusually saturated compared to LG2X, but the sound... is just plain awful. I can't believe they make personal recorders at half the size for EUR 100 with almost-perfect sound quality but are not able to shove that hardware into phones. An annoying comparison, anyway, moved way too much, however automatic white balance and exposure can be judged.
So is there anyone that knows the difference between "being far from finalized just yet" and "finalized"? Otherwise I don't even see the point.

  • Anonymous all the coments but...didn't anyone noticed that the buildings are leaning left or right (on fast pan)? A HUGE skew effect on both of them (usualy ccd sensors have this kind of problem). Dunno much about phones but i do know about image. The second thing...HTC has a problem with white balance.....or wasn't set properly prior to recording (everything that SHOULD be white it's way to red). Want full hd video recording ? Use a proper camera, not a phone LOL

  • Doug

brikz, 26 Apr 2011In the video it is interchange...on the left is HTC sensation an... moreThe left video was made with the LG, the right was made with the HTC. The videos were made at the same time, one phone in each hand. At the end they were pointed at each other so the LG has video of the HTC and the HTC took video of the LG.

  • paagen

Yet again they both fail. But yet again the uninformed public won't know so they still believe that the higher the numbers the higher the quality.
Nokia's N8 still have better sound, colours AND resolution even though on paper its lower (720p).

Remember when the megapixel race was (or still is) on? Now the business is discussing a measure of image quality that the consumer can benefit from, since the number of pixels means nothing (unless pro equipment) to image quality.

  • brikz

In the video it is interchange...on the left is HTC sensation and on the right that was the LG...try to check the video, near the end when they let you see the phones...on the left is HTC sensatio/pyramid...

  • philm

The htc sensation was making me feel sick its too jumpy.Non can beat the smoothness and detail of sgs or n8 i am getting this week.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2011LG picture looks by far better, will HTC ever get the camera right?LG may look better, but still poor nevertheless, none of these phons offer decent performance for what should be "Full HD" recording.

  • Anonymous

LG picture looks by far better, will HTC ever get the camera right?

  • D79_

The LG is much better than the HTC, the LG has real color than the HTC wat is way to saturated and isnt has smooth, and the LG is only 24fps. But cnt wait for my SGS II ;-)

  • hmmm HTC :/

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2011Really disappointed. Why the constant panning? Video is supposed... moreOnly SGS II is the king in 1080p video quality

  • Anonymous

lg optimus 2x is better

  • HTC Fanboy

Once again HTC can't get the audio or video quality right. Such a let down. I was expecting big things from the Sensation

I don't think any of these phones deserve to be considered if you want to buy a good camcorder, the quality is far from decent even for 720p recording. These phones probably would be good VGA camcorders and nothing else.

Both of them stutter and looks horrible, HTC is more noisy but LG stutter alot more. Both offer terrible quality for what should be "Full HD" videos. Don't get me wrong, but that's really pathetic.

  • Noble

The first part of the video was LG 2x the second part was the Sensation

  • Anonymous

dilip.thadani007, 23 Apr 2011Overall, LG has performed very well even after having relatively... moreI just had an lg android phone that was released same time or after the htc mytouch 4g, then I bought the htc mytouch 4g. Both came with froyo, no rooting or other enhancements. The lg had a 1500 mah / htc 1400 mah. Besides the fact that the lg has only 3g speeds and only a 600 mhz processor / htc 4g speeds and 1ghz proc, my mytouch gets way better bat life than the lg did at the same usage. I noticed it the first day - and still notice it. Reading your comment just now made me look at the their batteries. I bought the lg late dec and was waiting for the g2x. I had such discontent for that lg phone I got the mytouch late march. If I only knew the sensation was coming, but I couldn't have made it till june with that lg crap. Never again lg.

  • Anonymous

Really disappointed. Why the constant panning? Video is supposed to show moving objects not have the camera constantly moving. Focusing on some objects like the van lettering would have shown good comparison in quality.

well htc should also start to work on their outer hardware part

  • Anonymous

zeferino, 23 Apr 2011My goodness, what is happening, they all look alike, and what is... moreup coming
motorola bullet & jet
12 mp with new technology camera sensor

  • Anonymous

dilip.thadani007, 23 Apr 2011Overall, LG has performed very well even after having relatively... moreAnd a locked bootloader...