Android Market gets a facelift, lets you buy apps in 99 new countries

12 May, 2011
The Android Market has gone through a major update after Google I/O conference. Google has done some refreshing design changes to the interface of the Market for both mobile and desktop and made...

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  • saso

android market for macedonia

  • Kamran

Pakistan, Great news and Thanks Google.

  • Anonymous

nor Turkey!

  • sabin cruz

Does every listed countries in the the above post supports carrier billing?

  • xenover

finally estonia :d
thx google, you rule!

  • fvckoff!

phil! cool :)

  • mo2

why no iran ?

Côte d'Ivoire enter in "Droid World"

  • Moe From Iran

I'm Iranian, and I love Android...
But Iran is not in the list :(

  • saudi

Still saudi arabia is missing it!!!!

When will Turkey be in the list? We are in Europe, and still no chance to buy an app from the android market?! Are they kidding with us?!

  • Toni

Thanx android for coming to Albania

  • daniel

Nothing in the US. Haven't seen an android phone or tablet with the updated market

  • anonimisimo

Did you people really had to wait to get pre-payed apps? I admit that is not a good thing to do, but when you have no chance, there is no other thing to do... I've been using cracked apps for a long long time now and when it gets updated, I just download it again from the net to keep them up running to its best!

  • Ashura

xeroxies, 13 May 2011hello guys dont be so happy cause ur having android market in ... moreThat´s not true.There are still ALOT of free apps on the market and damm good ones too

  • SiD

Pakistan \:m/... amazing:P

hello guys
dont be so happy cause ur having android market in ur country
nothing is for free anymore
who's that idiot that changed the markettttttt:@:@:@:@:@

  • paijo

yess indonesia...

  • trinidude

Thanks Google!
Trinidad & Tobago

  • mkaltaie

iraq ?