Next Google Nexus will be either HTC, or LG built

28 May, 2011
The Nexus line is the true and original Google phone and we've seen two already. And now we came across a photo of a third Nexus phone in its testing stage. The phone looks HTC-made and lacks the menu/home...

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  • Anonymous

I think that only one Nexus phone is coming this year, and it is the Nexus Prime, but I'm not sure if it will be a samsung or not, and I'm not 100% sure about the release date, but I think it will be released in October.

  • 2toyzki

There will be a big surprise, There's 3 nexus phones coming this year.

One from LG,HTC and Samsung.

Nexus Prime, Nexus HD and one is still mystery. Could be Nexus S II or Nexus 3.

Was leaked the photos that will be LG Nexus 3 :)

  • hitu

Lg coming to the smarphone world first duel core prosessor............

  • Anonymous

Please give it to LG! kidding, HTC !!!!!!!!

  • khang

Looks like apple designed it for google...

LOL, 29 May 2011I've never really thought of this but what are the chances of a ... moreSony Ericsson is always behind the competition on the Android realm, and I think their futuristic plastic design is not Google cup of tea. So very little chance.

Anonymous, 28 May 2011Wouldn't be amazing if that phone is a Samsung. Imagine if Samsu... moreSamsung and aluminium??? Get over yourself :)

  • burntout yahoo

Shame it won't have an samoled +. My gf gust got an S2 and itsunami blown me away

  • LOL

I've never really thought of this but what are the chances of a Xperia Nexus? XD

  • shubh

this is very good handset,,i like it very much....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 May 2011Wouldn't be amazing if that phone is a Samsung. Imagine if Samsu... moreSamsung made the last crappy nexus. No thanks.

  • Denzo

[deleted post]Im sorry but I have to disagree there. I have been using phones since the Nokia 8210-3300 days. more recently, Ive had the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, HTC Desire, some Sony Ericssons and now the SGS2.

I have to say, that the SGS2 is the greatest phone I have ever laid my eyes on and held in my hand.

Battery = Heavy use 1.5 days.
Screen = Best ever
Camera = amazing for phone 8.49mm thin
Features = bluetooth 3.0, all types of wifi N and direct, Swype, awesome playback of nearly all media types (DVD, MP3 MP4 etc etc) and FLASH PLAYER!!
Memory = 16gb internal + 32GB card I have 48GB.

What more do you want. Trust me if you have the coin to pony up for it mops the floor with eveerything else. The review was very fair and to be honest could have been much more lop sided.

This phone, for now and the next six months at least, will be the greatest smartphone on the planet.

No question about it. great review by GSM and completely spot on as usual.

  • Noel

Hands down HTC should be chosen as the manufacturer of the next Nexus. Reading thru numerous blog seems everyone is clamouring for HTC to make the new Nexus. So many like myself skipped the Nexus S...even though a gr8 device, many passed on it bcz they saw it lacking on some key specs and also the track record of type of materials used on Sammys devices and also the percieved lack of timely updates on their phones..well that is changing. I am sure the new Nexus will be loaded with new tech innovations but three things HTC must heed to if selected as the manufacturer...The device should have 1.5 or 2Gb of Ram, lots of internal memory 16 to 32Gb in addition to a micro SD expansion slot of 32 or 64Gb, and a more powerful battery 1800 to 2000mAh. OH one more thing i did read HTC will be making a Windows 7 devices with i think a 12 or 16Mpx take is they should use same 12 or 16Mpx cam on the new Nexus. I have made a decision to wait till the new Nexus to get my new phone...i love the HTC Sensation but my love for a new HTC made Nexus is even greater. Love my N1...still works gr8, just like when i first got it. I say to Google when it is a choice of HTC or LG as maker of the next Nexus...HTC wins HANDS DOWN. LG even though one of the first to bring dual core devices to the market...from what i have read sales are not that good on those devices. After so many passed on the Nexus S...please Google don't make many pass on another Nexus and i think that might happen if LG is selected as maker. On the other hand if both devices under testing are so amazing...i say release them both. I know where i will be spending my money...definately on the HTC NEXUS

tkolev, 29 May 2011N1 was innovative, NS was just a SGS with NFC. HTC had the decen... moreyou got one thing wrong, when we say display,the top out there would be the samsung's AMOLED + not LG's Nova display. . although the nova display is good it can't beat amoled. . :D but your right with the htc's durability

Google should not select LG because it can make good skin job.

  • tkolev

N1 was innovative, NS was just a SGS with NFC. HTC had the decency of releasing a twin AFTER the release of N1, did Samsung do that? If Google has some sense, they will go either with HTC or LG (for building the first dualcore Android). LG will probably offer better screens, but HTC will surely have an unsurpassed build quality.
And to all the Nokia fans - why do you feel like being left out? Oh, right - because you are. Symbian is going to be SUPPORTED till 2016. This means no actual development - just bugfixes and minor cosmetic changes. Nokia will not continue to pour money in the development of a platform that has been sentenced to death. They even fired most of the Symbian developers. And we have yet to see a WP phone made by Nokia. That's why there is no news about them yet.

Rumors said The next Nexus device could be running Quad Core Tegra 3...So I guess it should be LG or Motorola...Nexus One is made by HTC, Nexus S is made by Samsung...So this time I guess it could be the other phone manufacture..

Anonymous, 29 May 2011HTC might make it expensive LG might make it buggy wat do ?If its a Nexus phone then the manufacturer makes just the hardware. The software is directly from google. So no chance of it being buggy.

  • Anonymous

I would like to see Samsung, HTC and LG collaborate together to build the next nexus phone. HTC can provide good build quality, Samsung can use their amazing Super Amoled Plus screen and LG well I guess LG can bring along their good intentions. But still they could end up making a super phone.