Samsung Galaxy S II I9101 spotted in the wild, could be the NFC one

30 May, 2011
Another version of the Samsung's Galaxy S II has leaked, this time in a bunch of blurry photos. It goes under I9101 model name and looks just like the I9101 Galaxy S II. It could be the NFC version...

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  • CX

phonaholic, 31 May 2011yes, i totally agree with you, but in the business man's point o... moreyou're absolutely right !!

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S II I9101 spotted in Singapore!!!!
Go to :

Galaxy S II I9101 graphic is PowerVR SGX 540, not Mali 400 GPU ????

  • bla

after working for 3 years in a samsung repair centre i can only say........ samsung is crap!
almost every samsung model looks like an old phone after 3 months, some new models not even have screws, it's all assembled.
and other more things.....
but one thing is certain, samsung offers cheap high tech products.
for the ones who can't afford other expensive brands.

  • Anonymous

jimmy, 30 May 2011hmm.. credit card details on the phone. not sure if its a very g... moreits no worse then paypal, think how many people already store their cc details on their handsets, not mentioning the iphoners with thei i wallet or whatever its called

  • Anonymous

hey brothers samsung just give u a wide range of mobile phone with all specs and u can choose witch suits u or not u r not obliged to own the last version

  • phonaholic

CX, 30 May 2011Hurry !! Hurry !! buy your Galaxy NOW !! because next month is g... moreyes, i totally agree with you, but in the business man's point of view, that's called marketing strategy, and they are so good at it. there's nothing we can do about it but cope up specially those people who love to be updated with mobile phone technology

  • jimmy

hmm.. credit card details on the phone. not sure if its a very good idea lol. hackers will be workin their butts off to steal the info i reckon.

Denzo, 30 May 2011To be honest I still don't know what the excitement behind NFC i... moreIt's the end of the days where whipping out the long credit card holder was considered "SO BAWSSSS".

  • Denzo

To be honest I still don't know what the excitement behind NFC is? Should I be excited about yet another way that I will be getting charged?

  • CX

I love to argue, 30 May 2011Oh really !! Then tell me which was the most powerful samsung an... moreEverything you said, simply... does not cross with what I said. Im not talking only about Galaxy models Im talking about Samsung models in general, anyway I already saw 3 Galaxy SII models (one today! the i9001 on GSM Arena) In my country there are also various models of Galaxy (all different outside / similar inside) Phones (all 2010/2011).
So.. enjoy your GSII (regardless of what GSII version is)... someone is much more happy (with your money...) but its OK !! you can continue defending them... your hurt noone doing that and Samsung has a free web bodyguard so.... go on kid... fight for your rights...

I repeat... There is only one winner.... SAMSUNG.

So, it seems like India will be getting the I9101 model which is due to hit the stores on June 3rd, because Samsung India have already confirmed that the Indian version will feature NFC.

CX, 30 May 2011Hurry !! Hurry !! buy your Galaxy NOW !! because next month is g... moreOh really !! Then tell me which was the most powerful samsung android phone before galaxy SII ?
- Its the original galaxy S. Was galaxy S1 released last month or month before that ???? - NO. It was released way back in June LAST YEAR (not month).
You'll see that the galaxy SII is the successor of galaxy S (The S series being the topmost android phones from samsung). Moreover, Samsung has already stated that the next top phone (galaxy SIII), will be out around this time NEXT YEAR (not month). So you can keep your comments with yourself, while we enjoy the SII.

  • supranatural

if they can doble (or triple) battery capasity will be amazing.
the name will be "galaxy s II xtra long life battery"

  • nkkkkkkkkk

I love Samsung!!!

  • CX

Hurry !! Hurry !! buy your Galaxy NOW !! because next month is gonna be a new one !!!! and again every month !!! hahahah. Why you people didnt realize that Samsung is fooling everyone ??
* Fooling the stores because every store fill their stock with one model and before end selling it, Samsung brings a new one... How much time do you think that resallers gonna be alive in this situation ??
* Fooling the customers because you save money for a long time to buy a nice phone and when you done it Samsung send another model in a month, better and cheaper. And it is very frustrating. (very very !!)
* Fooling Market because Samsung make people think that phones renew itself every 2 months when the real deal is that tech is renewing every 1 year.

Samsung is selling a new phone every month with very little/stupid difference between them. If not stupid... why the hell didnt include that on the previus phone!!! , why wait a month and sell the same phone with one new function !!! Anyway everyone are starting to feel irritated about that.

There is only one Winner: Samsung... all the others.. Us (the Customers), the Market and the Resellers are the loosers.

I smell another apple sue...However, is 1000 better than iPhone...Why Samsung don't change the desing and give this phone a more personal touch (from Samsung) :D

  • SkyNET

This NFC chip, is it going to be used against users? I mean
maybe it's indirectly an enemy of the states chip? Sure they say
it's for SAFE TRANSACTIONS. But whenever the word SAFE comes into
game, one must think twice...

  • Anonymous

snndroid, 30 May 2011Samsung is playing with us, it's just a few weeks since i9100 la... moreThey did that in the US with T-Mobile's GalaxyS version. They set the first one free, than a few months later came out with the one with the HSPA+ compatiablitiy and front facing camera. I stuck with my trusty Desire-Z but it's what they've done that in the past. Crank out one thing make everyone and their grandma buy it, then release the better version a few months later. NFC I think has a few years before it becomes mainstream enough to justify going out and getting this version though. Especially if a sicker will do the same thing.

  • TV

What is NFC?! that is so inportant...

  • Yipii123

I read an article of a reowned German magazine about the SGS2 launch in Germany. They quoted a Samsungs official that the current SGS2' NFC is disabled and will be enabled via update this summer.