Specs of the I9101 Galaxy S II surface, has new internals

01 June, 2011
Couple of days back we came across a picture of a certain I9101 Galaxy S II that was stuck on the homescreen. There was no other information available about that device at that time. Now, however...

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  • Dimmys

Hey i was wonerding how the SGS2's gpu performs. is it weaker than the PowerVR SGX540 gpu?? Hows the tegra 2 chip compared to this?

  • HTC user

i wish there is a phone with samsong electronics and htc body and software. anyone agrees?

  • Denzo

Sam-sung, 02 Jun 2011Hey guys, it is true that samsung produces some of the best smar... moreI can vouch for the SGS2 having a build quality much higher than the original SGS1. by far. No more creaks and rattles from the body. It's extremely well made now.. Quite impressive considering how thin it is.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2011That chipset is 100% capable of decoding 1080p. the gpu is a bi... morePlease do elaborate on how it is weaker? Have you played with a phone featuring OMAP 4 and an SGX 540 clocked at 300MHz? No, so just shut up.

  • Anonymous

IamEzio, 01 Jun 2011the SGX540 in OMAP 4 is OverClocked to 300Mhz .It's not overclocked. SGX 540 clock ranges from 200-400MHz. Going above 400MHz is overclocking.

  • ibanezac

zamroni, 02 Jun 2011The second image shows 144 pixels per inch density. So SQRT((480... moreI hope is atleast 6''.

M, 01 Jun 2011Can't see screen size, galaxy s2 mini ? anyoneThe second image shows 144 pixels per inch density. So SQRT((480/144)^2+(800/144)^2) results 6.5" display size. So it is closer to tablet spec rather than smartphone or I counted it wrongly?

  • Sam-sung

Hey guys, it is true that samsung produces some of the best smart phones. Sadly, I feel let down when I look at the design and the construction of the Phone. I bought a Galaxy S when it was launched; no doubt it had one of the best screen and processors but the plastic feel of the phone made me wonder whether it was really a "premium phone". Now, I see that samsung has found a new way of "re-selling" there old products by stripping few features from them. I feel samsung should learn a thing or two from HTC for making great looking and solidly built handsets

  • guideX

Article looks like it was written by an ill-informed editor.
Firstly, the Omap 4430 cpu beats the Exynos dual core and the PowerVR SGX540 obliterates the Mali 400 (its like comparing A9 to Scorpion)
Secondly, why on earth would Samsung increase their AMOLED production facilities by ten fold to re-invest in another year of S-LCD technology?

I'll tell you what is really happening, Samsung is going to release a cheaper high end device which is going to resemble a Galaxy S successor more than the SII, ie it will have 4inch SAMOLED screen produced in the new factory and this cheaper idea also explains the 720P capped sensor. The fact that Samsung doesn't have much variation in their SoC fabrication (they only offer Exynos, Hummingbird and range of old ARM 11's) meant that they looked to outsource their hardware, TI is the best option because they probably cut them a cheap deal as Omap 4 has not taken off as well as Omap3 did so they are in a bit of a desperate situation themselves.

  • M

Can't see screen size, galaxy s2 mini ? anyone

  • Anonymous

That chipset is 100% capable of decoding 1080p.
the gpu is a bit weaker but there is no much of a difference.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S II from a to z

  • Anonymous

Can we wave goodbye to yellow spots too?

  • Myself

"Also, since the hardware is weaker,
you can also say good-bye to 1080p
video recording and playback.". Wth? The OMAP 4430(with itz SGX540 which is clocked at 300Mhz) is even more powerful than the Exynos chipset. In fact, itz overally the most powerful yet of ALL the dual-cores! Did I miss smethn here...?

  • Anonymous

omap4 is not crap, it's actually better than tegra 2, just look at anandtech benchmarks. It can also shoot videos in Full HD and obviusly handle a 8mp still camera.

  • SeaWaLK

It has already been confirmed to be running super amoled plus by Samsung Singapore marketing. No idea how you came to the super lcd conclusion.

  • leomax

Step666, 01 Jun 2011"Also, since the hardware is weaker, you can also say good-... moreExactly,omap 4 is no slouch,better than tegra 2.
TI have the best dsp's around,1080 would be no issue.
I'd say mali gpu is not as powerful as it was hyped up.
who's betting for higher clocked sgx540 in omap4 ;)

mmm OMAP4 or Hummingbird? Maybe it's an overclocked Hummingbird like the Infuse and Droid Charge?

  • Step666

"Also, since the hardware is weaker, you can also say good-bye to 1080p video recording and playback."

Who writes this junk?

The OMAP 4430 far exceeds the performance of the Tegra2 SoC which is capable of 1080 capture and playback and TI have shown off the 4430's fullHD credentials previously.

It's the same CPU/GPU combination that's going to be used in the LG Optimus 3D which, according to GSMArena's spec sheet, is capable of 1080/24p capture.

  • salmon

what the nonsense prototype is this??? wake up your idea sammy!!!