Galaxy S II display reportedly has yellow spots, we test

01 June, 2011
The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is having a magnificent debut on the smartphone scene, winning plenty of users for the Android and Samsung cause. Well it appears that not all is rosy with the...

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well, I have heard many complaints of this particular model, but I have experienced none of them. it's really a magnificent device, and seems like people are intentionally TRYING to find faults. yeah, bad battery life, oh really? huge 4.3" display and a monster GPU plus a dual core processor. what else could you expect? also on this part my unit have performed brilliantly. battery lasts long enough for me, and I can charge it using the Nokia DC-11 travel charger if I have to. no problems, officer.

  • EdB

Are there ANY high-end Android phones that don't have glitches. Well, I guess even the iPhone 4 had em. It's just the nature of the beast.

  • Krishna Ragunathan

New user, 03 Aug 2011Got my Galaxy 2 last week. Brilliant phone. No yellow spots. Love it. Same here, no spots, display is total perfection............... :)

  • Coolguy

I got sgs2 and i have not only yellow spots on screen, but sometimes my phone stops recognizing multitouch, especially in such games as Miami Vindication.

  • New user

Got my Galaxy 2 last week. Brilliant phone. No yellow spots. Love it.

  • deepairdiver

nwave, 14 Jul 2011Hi all pink yello !!!!!!!? Dots i recomand u go too eaydocter i ... moredo you have a problem with using all the letters of the alphabet ??

  • borgermeister

My first S2 had this yellow tint on the left side of the screen. Got a DOA swap. Should never had done that, the second S2 I got has both the yellow tint issue AND a bright circle appearing in my top right corner of the screen. I would say the circle is the worst, because that one is visible nearly at every level of brightness AND color.

  • Non Samsung owner.

@ Palah.Search in google for ""Nokia N8 problems"
(About 3,390,000 results)
"Nokia E7 Problems".(About 2,700,000 results)

You might be ok if you only want to make phone calls. or NOT.

  • nwave

Hi all pink yello !!!!!!!? Dots i recomand u go too eaydocter i have my s2 i can't tell haw gr8t phone

  • Ashok

I went to that web page on my Galaxy S II, dimmed brightness from automatic to 0 and there was no such thing as reported.

  • Palah

Non Samsung owner., 09 Jul 2011Sounds like you have some sour grapes their Mr Nokia owner. Noki... moredid not know my Nokia E7 or wifes N8 was rubbish with heaps of issues...thanks for the heads up, will throw them out...not!:) most phones have so much tech put into smaller units with so much pressure to hit market = could pay to wait... but as GSM have deal breaker

  • Non Samsung owner.

Nokia Rocks, 01 Jun 2011I agree with you Joe! Samsung products sucks BIG TIME. The specs... moreSounds like you have some sour grapes their Mr Nokia owner. Nokia smartphones are garbage,if the only fault Nokia smart phones had was a little yellow spot, the owner would be lucky. So if you own one, you sure would know what its like to suck.

I dont own a smart phone. I use a crappy little $40 pre pay Nokia and its hopeless, but...hey, it makes calls and it cost me $40.

This Samsung sure does look nice though. I wouldnt be surprised if yellow gate was started by apple and Nokia in a fit of green envious rage.

  • Anonymous

samsung pls fix the problem asap...its a great phone!

  • DrSlump

Hi, same problem here i Italy.
I've swaped 3 phones until now and all of them had this prolem, plus other problems like dead or stuck pixels, and some "stain" on the display.
Seems like they have serious production issues.
In addition to this i've to report the pink spot issue in camera and stuttering in video recording if the exposure value is set to "0" when video is autofocusing. To avoid this problem exposure value must be set to "-2": with this value the videos are fluid and without any stutter.
This is WEIRD for a 600 phone.

  • Anonymous

My screen is seriously discolored and started as reported on the left side but has migrated to center and can hardly read display in daylight
also see the icons in background showing thru the white or yellow shadow going to show Sansung rep next Tuesday and will be interested to see their comment ! Pity as its a great phone otherwise

  • Von

I Had to take my SGS2 back to be swapped under ELF last week because the ring tones and all sound stopped playing, Optus sent it back to Samsung to confirm the diagnosis... Cant wait to get it back or swapped because its an awesome handset!!

  • DrSlump

Hi, to all. I got my sgs2 since last saturday and i already changed it due to a dead pixel. The new unit and the old unit suffers both of the yellow tint defect or "faded" display. It's easy to notice and it's annoyng me.

well, then i think i'm one of the lucky ones! i just got my SGS2 2 days ago and i haven't noticed any yellow tint on the display. i've tried setting the brightness to the lowest setting and tried looking for yellow spots on different background colors (grey, white, etc). i can't see any yellow tinting.

loving my SGS2 now. i miss the notification led on my Nexus One, though. :(

  • davidk

my S is seriously discoloured ytellow about 40% of screen from left side
realy spoiling a great phone and doubt I will upgrade to newer models if not cleared by samsung !

hey ppl i had bought s2 on 9th n i found that yellow tint in the above page mentioned and alos in notification in s2,
it was on d bottom left side.
and one more shockin thing, when u reduce ur brightness to low n u capture some images of white surface or u click pictures of road in sunlight u ll find some pink spots in d center.
and this defect is almost in all s2.
it was also in the demo whic was in the samsung store,
to see the defect all u hav to do is low down ur brightnes,
go to camera, click some pics of white surface closely or take so pics of road in day time n then increase the brightness and see those images whic u hav clickd,
u wil definatly finds some pink spots in it.
i found both the defects yellow tint n pink spots and dey replaced my s2 and told me to wait for some better soln for that defects.

sorry for bad eng :(