Sony Ericsson unveils W910 and W960

14 June, 2007
Sony Ericsson broadens its portfolio in all directions with the official announcement of two new Walkman handsets, a new mid-range bar and a couple of Z-series clamshells...

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  • alluri

hi mobile lovers i know ur frenzy abt mobiles hmm plz dont compare SE 960 with nokia 95 ...........n95 is old now i dont want to read on this pages anymore ......

now compare SE with apple iphone dats better

  • papa

@amit bravo
when u plug any SE device to the computer the windows recognize it rightaway as a flash drive so u don't need a cd or anything else and u can transfer files faster than a card reader (in the late models) u can not find a card reader every where but you can find a usb port in every pc peace.

  • amit bravo

Thats is a good hearing about W960's features.I feel SE again doing wrong card but 8GB fine but lets think the moments when you need to share data in bulk then you need data cable fine too but can you install SE cd every where..that is not good being inspite of larger internal memory,memory cards have their certain advantage.i do not know what will wrong happen if they would have remained a card can not transfer files speedily with blue tooth.second thing you need to install softwares to share data from PC to phone.if SE makes their phone on plug and play technology e.g. external HDD then lack of card slot can be filled.again if there is 3G no EDGE or EDGE no 3G.whats wrong with SE.are they incapable to put all tech nology in one. i am sucked of it because i love SE a lot because of its sound and image quality, easy user friendly navigation system but lack of technology always like a slogan or business moto of SE.
there are lot of phones but not a single phone i can say is just complete in SE.even there are very in NOKIA like this.only w960 and p1i goes closer to my requirment and obeviously for others too.a business man can also like good imaging and great sound quality but it looks guys that are working in SE does notlike sound quality a lot so they do separate walkman phones from business phones.for god shake make a all in one ..atleast one

  • nm

n98 is coming soon, watch out SE
even your best mobile can't beat n98

  • Anonymous

cant beat M95 with these!!!!!

  • Carlos

To the gentleman who has owned both an n95 and a k800i, so have i, i still have, first of all, how many millions of n95's have been sold so far? a percentage of EVERY phone goes wrong, its unavoidable, its technology. now compare the first week of n95 sales to the first week of k800i sales, the n95 topped it by 80%. thats 80% more chances of getting a faulty handset first, just because more n95's got returned in the first week than K800i's doesnt mean diddly squat.

i personally use both of the phones, i love sony ericsson, i love these new phones, but i also have a fondness for the n95 (the first nokia i've ever bothered to own) and so far it hasnt let me down in any respect. (oh and a tip, the gps only costs if u activate network usage, otherwise its free)

I have always stuck by sony, but the fanbase so far in this column needs to grow up and stop with the nokia hating, i mean they brought the n95 out first, so sony have had a chance to get hold of one, test it, and make theirs better, its a simple fact of life that a later model from a diff manufacturer will usually be better. and if sony's video quality is anything to go by, the n95 will win that dept. hands down.

I work for carphone warehouse, and so far in this branch we have returned a total of 3 n95's. 3. out of god knows how many. so stop the bashing and think about it for a minute, everyone and everything is different.

  • mel

i don't care whether some narrow-minded people say that SE is bad or is late coming with these handsets. At least they dont release phone like a prototype. Take for example N95, too bulky and to sluggish for me. Kinda like a brick, very ugly and it makes me sick.

Hurray to Sony Ericsson! I like the new Walkman phone W960... Now the N73 will be disposed in the trashcan! LOL!

  • Anonymous

itss gonna be sony all d way guys.... 5 mega pixel camera wow. its gonna rock. n u people talkin about nokia n95 , the camera of sony ericsson k750i is beetre than that n that too a 2 mega pixel camera. lolz

  • Satya

Please check this video. It's limmer then N95 and PLEASE DON'T BE JEALOUS WITH SONY. We can understand that Nokia fanboys are having touch time AS new range of Cuber-Shot and Walkamn launched. Sony is everywhere. From Sony Pictures to Sony Ericsson. OK WATCH THIS VIDEO YOUR N95 IS THERE TOO:-

  • carlos

these phones look set to do very well. especially because Nokia N95 is a really terrible phone, does so much but everyone that I know is taking them back because the battery life is terrible!!

  • nokia

forget to tell u guys..
poor sony..
always come late of their phone..
y? no idea..??
after n95 exist, then this phone appear..
oh...what ashamed!!
sony o sony..

  • fahmi

stop fighting...
dont worry..
nokia will be out with nokia n82..
5mpx with real xenon flash...
simply can push SE..
bye bye sony!


actually se should come out new model with 6mp with wifi,let it much better that n95 n only that way can bit nokia,k850 r late in market,maybe that time nokia will having other new model greatest that n95i ! nokia like come out i version.

  • Rick

I agree with that. No one can beat N95, They have put all the good stuff in it... It's like having all of the N-series in one package. It sure beats other brand units..... but also hurt the sales of their other units... esp the N-series. Which is not a good marketing strategy. Good for us consumers, though... :)
Finally, a phone that's for me (W960).

  • Majik

SE has done really really really well this time. I love the look of the W960 so damn much (I actually drooled) and the performance also seems to be really good (with Symbian and all). SE is all ready to kick ass!

Oh and I've used an N95, worst design ever! The layout is very bad, it's big and bulky, ugly, and overall sucks. The so called 'flagship' phone (or any other Nokia phones) doesn't seem even comparable to the K850. The K850 camera totally kills the N95 one (hell, the K810 camera kills the N95 imo).

  • Satya

Ok you have got 7 minutes of your fav. W960i Video. There it is also compared with N95.

  • Satya

Actually we have got 3.2 cybershot with this 8GB Walkman. What do you say ?

  • jr

yes.... Nokia rules with BUGS, like the full of bugs thing, N95.

  • SeF

W960 is also compatible with the HGE-100 accessory which means we now have an N95 in an SE design/form with touchscreen and better media player:)

  • jason

an reeli!!!
n95 this n95 that. jus shut up an accpet defeat when u c it!!!
learn to appreciate competition an its..
n95...................vs............w960, w910, and k850!!!
i think we know who wins..and dont bother to say that its please continue to do ur thing in the business..great work (applause applause)