Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo to arrive in Europe in July

22 June, 2011
We were starting to wonder whatever happened to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. The phone was announced back in Februarys at the Mobile World Congress 2011 along with the Xperia Arc and the Xperia PLAY and...

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  • mus med

good phone but where to find the display???

  • tsb

Good for Europe, even though its already available there. Now where is the 850/1900 3G North American version?

  • Ebbhead

I want to buy a cheap one in Hungary via Telenor contract.
Dear Telenor Hungary 3, 2, 1 START!
Don't be second or third as usual...

  • Anonymous

so overpriced?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2011Well, in estonia, it's sold over a month. Good phonePrice in estonia 359

  • Anonymous

Well, in estonia, it's sold over a month. Good phone

  • sanju Rathore

i Like this Phone ....

  • elle

Waiting for xperia pro...

  • pux

Gsmarena, remember the Earthquake, tsunami and nucelear crisis in Japan?
Thats the reason for the delays

  • lol

huawei x5 in greece cost 189 euro.i expect the neo to cost max 350 euro

  • Anonymous

Some shops have imported them from other countries...

  • Luskao

Check out, Vodafone selling it already

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2011I'm getting bored of haters. Neo is going to cost about 300 euro... morei wouldn't expect it cheaper of 450 euro. huawei x5 cost 300 euro.

  • Anonymous

strange its sold in estonia also for month now i think

  • Anonymous

Who cares about the Neo - what about the PRO?!

  • Questions.

Arrive in Europe? Finland is a part of Europe. Has been sold in here from the start. What part of Europe it arrives?

  • Patrick

Neo is available in Hong Kong and China when I travelled in May.

  • RR

Does this mobile has front cam as well?? Seems lik the config is similiar as ARC????

  • ken

how much in dollars

  • greg

in Poland u can not buy this one. And i think that after such huge time gap they are to late for this phone. There are more phones which gained consumer attention. Not this time...but generally phone is OK