The white Samsung Galaxy S II launches in the UK today

31 August, 2011
The white Galaxy S II will be available through all major retailers - both online and in stores. Updated

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Got white version for some time, performs nicely :), although since i got it many new smartphones have come out lol, even then this is still one of the best around :)

  • Fair Price

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2011Erm... unless you know something we dont? Everbody buy from Pho... moreAnybody who has the choice would not buy a phone in 'Rip-Off Britain"

My first phone maybe 13yrs ago was the only one. All my phones since have been bought abroad for much less, not tied to any network, not bundled with their buggy and limiting software and ALL functioned globally without problems.

Thank you world!

  • Dudi

This phone seeems cheap .

  • Ty

Remember the time when MOBILE phones fitted neatly into any pocket, now they get bigger,uglier and more awkward to use, Any wonder that the Manbag has become a popular thing to carry.
I've no objection to touch screens if that is what people want i'm just more annoyed at manufacturers who just seem to think that it's what everyone wants and provide just that. there is no longer a choice...unless it is colour of phone.

  • No

I wouldn't buy from P4U if you paid me.

  • Anonymous

Yes got a white ip4 32gb brought the white gs2 and a sensation htc lucky me enjoy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2011haha please dont buy from Phones4uErm... unless you know something we dont?
Everbody buy from Phones4u, specifically any, stores based in norfolk, UK

  • Anonymous

The White S2 is in stock at Mobile Fun now too and it's cheaper than Carphone!

  • happy days

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2011haha please dont buy from Phones4ueveryone buy at phones4u

  • nix

hope it will be available in Philippines next week or very soon, mmmm i waiting for it!

  • okMan

Why don't you make a review for the ZTE Skate ? Zte doesn't pay for advertise like samsung does for the Galaxy ? You announce the appearence of samsung Galaxy S II white? What's that all about ? Is the same phone, you have time to write about this stupid news but not to announce the appearence of ZTE Skate ! I know its not in the same league but why don't you announce the release on the site?

  • Anonymous

haha please dont buy from Phones4u

  • Cons4:

Dont bjy from.cowbohs if you have any sense.These guys are cowboys and sharks who are only after a quick buck and commission.Poor service and knowledge is all they know.Amazon for me!

  • HieuKy02

I am in the states, Minnesota, US. Where and how could I buy this white SGII phone? Desperate to have one. Thanks.

White one looks better than the black one

  • Ah Bee

I am from Singapore... when will it launch in singapore. Looking forward for it.

  • EdB

This phone is too plasticky & lightweight to come in white. It makes it seem very cheap.

  • M@

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2011In stock at phones 4u now. It certainly is! everybody should buy from Phones4u just for the hell of it

  • GAZR

Available to order at Carphone NOW !

  • Anonymous

In stock now at CARPHONE! just bought it ! Cant wait !