Apple sues Samsung in Japan, wants sales ban and money

08 September, 2011
The court battle between Samsung and Apple extended to the Tokyo District Court.

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  • mjwhitey

Stop ripping off people and drop the iPhone 4 price or release a new phone already. Don't sue Samsung because they listen to the market and know how to deliver a product on time. Get your shit together apple and make a product which lasts the distance to the next phone release and you wouldn't be losing customers to Samsung.

  • eyewatch

Thanks God, that the first handphone inovator & producer not sue others for using the same phone interface (keypad) and design (square and or flip) and function (calling and text messaging). And when one phone producer make a slimmer phone, the other phone producer not claim as their inovation and sue them.
If so... may be there will be only one cellphone producer in this world...

  • Smartphone

I am afraid i already posted something about samsung coming the same way wiith a new gadget after apple has done so! this cant be creativity people!It doesnt require a university degree to tell that iphone 4 is similar to the tabs! the qn here is who was the initiator of such type of mmaking! its obvious apple started! Samsung I am using your gadgets and they are cheap but in this you are wrong

  • sickness

what else you need peepz. u want better design for samsung, can u yourself think of one, every smartphone nowdays looks alike but then the technology inside is diff. can i ever imagine of round tablet?or smartphone that is triangle?
bottom line is,apple losing their customers and going down after sgs2. not even galaxy s...but mainly due to galaxy S2,so they can't compete fairly then they try thru sue... grow up apple,stop whining!!

  • Cell phone admirer

Why this gigantic electronic companies fight against each other. Be creative, compete without being disloyal to your own principles, well I dont even have an iphone or galaxy phone, maybe I should by one.

  • Anonymous

Sour Apples to me.

Apple is so worried about Samsung the only thing they can do is sue.

  • Anonymous

Samsung, please provide original designs. We want to see your products in our country. The tech is great, all you need are better designers.

  • kevuk

It's about time these lot just stopped acting like kids. Everyday the same thing Apple taking HTC and Samsung. Samsung taking apple get a life cause I just had a gut full of the sane old news. Just be happy that you charge far to much for a lower spec device Apple. Samsung and HTC just be well happy you compete at the top with a global brand and a great OS and all stop acting like kids in a playground.

  • Anonymous

omg i am sick and tired of this fight. i wanna kill apple

  • tc

pre _prerna chauhan), 10 Sep 2011hello Hi!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2011iwant u people think frm history applehas noapponet in smart pho... moreSpell check is a beautiful thing :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2011iwant u people think frm history applehas noapponet in smart pho... moreDude, first fix your spelling, it does nothing for your credibility. Second have a look at this:

  • Anonymous

iwant u people think frm history applehas noapponet in smart phone in past so apple calim him self king of smart phone bt when aopple saw
a real apponet in his battle how can derliver best fight tnhe aapple

sorry fr apple im asure that samsung wll fight back this prblm & recliam crown smart phone king

  • pre _prerna chauhan)


  • s2

Aakash Pathak, 09 Sep 2011I hate apple now. It cant even come near to tab 7.7 and s2 and i... moreI second demotion!

  • Dickhead

Iphone sux.....that is final.They are just bitter that samsung beat them like pulp.
for giggles & grins listen HARD from 32 seconds. Hmm. Great atists STEAL? Oh. Now@ 45 second-56 spot. I see, you're SHAMELESS about STEALING IP? I see. & Don't care about being right. Just SAVE APPLE! THE PUBLIC should do something about this. BOYCOTT Apple. What Apple is dong to Samsung is ATROCIOUS. THEN Apple LIES and MISLEADS the German court. Gets to spen "QUALITY" time with the JUDGE?? (wtf) SAMSUNG Was "NOT ALLOWED" WHAT???? NO, REALLY!!!! WHY NOT? No wonder Apple won!!! I honestly HOPE SAmsung gets at least a FAIR shake next battle!! I now have NO USE for Apple ANYTHING!!

  • Anny

I believe that the only thing Apple did in the mobile world was a new interface/ user experience. Other than that, Apple is the one who simply stole/copied/used all the underlying wireless technology from other real mobile innovators like Samsung, HTC and other. All these real innovators have been in the industry for decades before Apple could even say cellphone. Now, they come and start suing the real innovators with claims that they copied Apple ideas. Apple has been very disappointing in its attitude. To make things worse, we end up dealing with judges who nothing about technology and mobile innovation make decisions. I truely hope that more companies like HTC and Samsung gear up and sue Apple for stealing all the underlying mobile technologies. Apple should be given the award for being the most dum, ignorant and irresponsible company to ever work in the mobile industry. How the heck can you lose/ let prototypes get out of the plants and then whine like little annoying brats. Very disappointed at Apple and I am very please at how Samsung is handling actions so far. Keep up the excellent work Samsung!!!!! You beat Apple in Europe and I am sure you beat Apple in their homeland in no time. Two ThumsUp for Samsung.

  • Shani

I think Samsung is doing a great job. i love samsung after MOTOROLA! coz motorola is my fav8. Company since they launch v3. Apple Sucks..! Samsung rocks..!

I want u people thik frm histry apple has no apponet in smart phone in past so apple calim him self king of smartphone but when apple saw a real apponet in his battle how can deliver best fight the apple relasie he lossing war & battle now u can see do like thing which branded company never do it i feel sorry fr apple iam asure that samsung will fight back this problem & reclaim crown smratphone king