Samsung moves to ban the new iPhone 4S in France and Italy

05 October, 2011
Barely 12 hours old and already in legal trouble - the iPhone 4S allegedly infringes on Samsung's 3G patents.

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  • Harris

samsung needs to reborn jst to tuch the tech at Apple lol

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  • 2011-10-10 07:28
  • KIDk
  • iain

HTC And Blackberry had nothing to do with making the smartphone industry what it is today, that was the iphone 3.

Before the iphone came out htc phones and blackberry phones were fairly clunky to use and not user friendly in the slightest, then after the iphone came out they lifted their game and started making phones that more than a niche market would use, add to the the fact that HTC started using android made htc what they are today, blackberry on the other hand have stuck to their methods and are still using the same old OS which is now outdated and prehistoric.

Yes, blackberry and htc are still amazing phones, but neither of them had anything to do with making the smartphone industry what it is today.

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  • 2011-10-10 01:47
  • yVgU
  • Aust.

iPhone revolutionilised the smart phone industry and made it what it is today... uuuh hmmm I'm pretty sure you can thank HTC and Blackberry for that. They should just sue the whole industry based on this shanenegans being played by Apple. Samsung is just protecting its brand and making sure it doesn't get made out to be apple's bi%$h.

Fair play

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  • 2011-10-08 02:55
  • 9x1S
  • mack

samsung phones are "plastic"?? that craps your style

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  • 2011-10-07 15:49
  • uu5f
  • yash

> In reply to shn @ 2011-10-06 14:05 from Mx@E - click to readwhat you think about samsung phones dude????

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  • 2011-10-07 12:55
  • w47D
  • Anonymous

Why everybody getting head over heal for what Samsung is doing ???. Apple started all of this in the first place cause they were scared of real competition. Apple is suing anybody and everybody. car manufacturers copy each other design all the time, but you don't see them suing each other over it, cause they let the customers to decide which brand they want to buy. Apple is just getting too greedy for its own good.

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  • 2011-10-07 10:17
  • uBMJ
  • mkm

> In reply to shn @ 2011-10-06 14:05 from Mx@E - click to readI don't think you know what you're talking about. Apple started the patent wars. They are just getting a taste of their own medicine.

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  • 2011-10-07 09:51
  • TfX2
  • oshiomha

they all know their laws as regards phones,tab e.t.c but jus be easy with each other

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  • 2011-10-07 09:24
  • mEHm
  • Chris

> In reply to Anonymus @ 2011-10-06 14:29 from M3s@ - click to readDo you even understand the situation?

Please explain how Samsung have in anyway copied Apple?
I am intersted to no how you think they copied software , layout and appearence.
Galaxy runs a market proven superior software to Apples IOS, it's functionality is nearly based around everything the Iphone cannot do.
The layout is globally used by all brands its origin is unkown and is far fetched to say apple created it. You will struggle to pick out anything that Iphones have pioneered in the telco market space.
I think that Samsung are doing a pretty good job staying clear of mimic products especially when they supply apple with more then half the materials to manufacture the iphone in the first place,
I would be understandble why Apples product would look similar to samsung's.
I'm not a fan boy of either company, especially in the Mobile handset market. Bottom line, if your going to comment, know your facts..

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  • 2011-10-07 08:26
  • PNf{
  • Anonymous

> In reply to shn @ 2011-10-06 14:05 from Mx@E - click to readActually samsung do make decent phones, they are more reliable than iPhones. Also Samsung haven't really sued apple prior to this. Apple started suing samsung first in most countries. Also prior to the iPhone 4s Samsung supplied the Processor in the iphones, so if it wasn't for Samsung there would be no iPhone

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  • 2011-10-07 07:48
  • w6qa
  • Anonymous

> In reply to shn @ 2011-10-06 14:05 from Mx@E - click to readare you crying?

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  • 2011-10-07 02:06
  • IaH0
  • Anonymous

Samsung make decent phone's???? You say that like the Iphone 4 or the I phone 4s could even compare to the Galaxy s 2 which they cant... So I'm confused?

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  • 2011-10-07 00:48
  • QZj@
  • Gagan sharma

Samsung will be th be markit leader in next few months

Because apple dont have basic featuer..........

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  • 2011-10-06 19:10
  • fCQn
  • mobs

The legendary rivalry continues but that wont impact the customer patronage for both the brands. Samsung user will never switch to an apple product and vice versa. Samsung: You pay for the hardware and versatility
Apple: You pay for the fluid OS and Brand status

But apple really need to offer something better in regards to hardware to sustain a competition with the market. A5 Dual Core 1Ghz Proc with 3.5 inch is just not enough for the price tag of this product. The voice recognition feature is just a gimmick

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  • 2011-10-06 17:51
  • vGQQ
  • Anonymous

I just hope that samsung wins and all the bans on the iphone and galaxy products to allow for everyone to benefit from actual competition

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  • 2011-10-06 17:32
  • MVg6
  • Anonymous

> In reply to shn @ 2011-10-06 14:05 from Mx@E - click to readThe exact same could be said for Apple. Remember, they started the patent war to begin with. And now they release a phone thats nothing more than a different, year old processor with last year's HSPA+ radio in last year's chasis... lullll

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  • 2011-10-06 17:06
  • 4kVx
  • xman

> In reply to shn @ 2011-10-06 14:05 from Mx@E - click to readSamsung is making darn good phones. Especially if one considers price in ones evaluation. When I say price I mean total price including contract premium.

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  • 2011-10-06 16:58
  • YH4W
  • atg1000

yes. teach apple a lesson

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  • 2011-10-06 16:51
  • KAbY
  • Dazz

GO Samsung, they have every right to sue Apple and bar every single iPhone. Apple started these lawsuits for pointless colour of icons and shapes of phones. Samsung knew all along that Apple infringed on their wireless patents but did nothing as they had a partnership. Apple got petty and started to sue Samsung, itís only right that Samsung retaliates.

The fact Apple makes 3x profit off each of their phones is no excuses not to pay for patents for technology! Software is nothing and hell can release a new firmware to remove touchwiz or do an over haul if they so require.

Shapes of devices are pretty meaningless, itís like John Baird suing everyone that makes a TV due to the shape lol. Technology however is another thing altogether as it costs a lot to build, design and the R&D involved.

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  • 2011-10-06 16:31
  • 0pc1
  • bongbong

Samsung will reject Apple's settlements (if samsung wins) if the banning of the Galaxy unit will not be lifted.

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  • 2011-10-06 15:32
  • P@YF