Apple iPhone 4S preorders break AT&T record

08 October, 2011
With over 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours, the iPhone 4S is the most successful debut on AT&T yet.

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Ra535i, 09 Oct 2011Nothing beats great R&D. moremy dear please advice apple to never make a iphone more than 3.5 inch screen in future also and also ask them to reduce size of ipad into 3.4 inch

  • ra535i

[deleted post]Ummmm..... lol GAME OVER!!!

[deleted post]nice, but can it do this?

I mean i'm musician and lot of people here clearly trying to say i should buy android phone, i have no idea what i do with it, because it never going to be as good as iPhone for musician.

Just trying to say that people who hasn't used iPhone or iOS device have no idea what kind of world apple world is because of appstore and all the gadgets made for iOS devices IT'S HUGE CANDY SHOP!

  • Anonymous

Why do these comments have to be filled with Apple and Android fanboys. Why can't we just agree that both are very good? Seriously no matter which phone you buy in a month or 2 something better will come out. Nether the S2 or the iPhone 4s will be top of the line products for long. Be happy with what you bought and stop trying to convince people that it's the only good smartphone ion this world. Fanboys disgust me.


Anonymous, 10 Oct 2011Apple has just announced over 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders in ... more1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders in 1 day!!!! What were the sales figures of S2 in 5 months??? Wasnt that 10 million or so??? So I presume sales figures of iPhone 4S will be more than sales figures of S2 even before it is officially released!!!

  • ALonZo

Duel, 10 Oct 2011First benchmark, a BrowserMark score of 89567. For comparison, i... moreWell said! Its about time these Android fanatics realise their sacred SGS2 is fast, but not as fast as the far superior iPhone.

I bought a SGS2 a few months ago and returned it in no time for one reason. It just aint good as an iPhone.

  • ALonZo

Big, 09 Oct 2011You know why it was slower? Because the iPhones can be operated ... moreSo let me get this clear. Because the SGS2 has 7 home screens, extra buttons, extra menus, this makes this phone better? In my opinion it makes the phone irrelavant. WOW you can see the weather on 1 page and WOW you can see a calender on another page. The iPhone has a simple UI but is an extremely powerful device. Yeah iPhones dont have Flash, but overall the iPhone is a far better device.

Androids with their 7 home screens and widgets and extra wow wow!!!! LOL

The iPhone is the best touchecreen device on this planet, all other brands have been trying to compete, and still are. Sales figues tell a true picture of a superior device. Most iPhone users are highly satisfied with their phone. Fact :)

  • Anonymous

Duel, 10 Oct 2011First benchmark, a BrowserMark score of 89567. For comparison, i... moreAwesome!

  • Anonymous

One million iphone 4s pre-orders in the first 24 hours that pre-ordering started. New record for Apple.

First benchmark, a BrowserMark score of 89567. For comparison, it appears that the BrowserMark score for an iPhone 4 running iOS 5 is 44856, so the new iPhone 4S benches twice as fast in the browser. Galaxy s2 got 50504.

Also sunspider test: iPhone 4S 2222,1ms, galaxy s2 4338 (lower is better)

So what was already clear for everyone else than galaxy s2 specs fanboys, iPhone 4s is much faster than galaxy s2 :)

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2011Apple has just announced over 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders in ... moreI predicted million, i clearly was right, there's still huge market for smaller phone and Apple is best in that category and had no competition there anymore. So things looking very very good for Apple, just like i knew :)

  • Anonymous

Apple has just announced over 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders in the first 24 hours:

You hater can cry iSheep all day but iphone still sell better than any android device despite android had higher clocked CPU and a bigger, brighter(?) screen. That's a fact! Come back when android device actually sold better than iPhone. Until then me and many others will still choose iPhone. Even apps developer prefer to release on iPhone first.

  • Anonymous

Cant wait for iPhone 4S. It's going to be crazy once it physically arrives, and people discover the potential for Siri.

I wonder if it can be extended to the home automation systems.

Big, 09 Oct 2011You know why it was slower? Because the iPhones can be operated ... morewhats so complex about the GS2 with their easy to break android lock security system, all you have to do is just wait until the phone screen sleeps then press the power button again and you bypass the lock screen. whats so complex about that the GS2 is just a crap i bet u never own one or and iphone you only can talk about a phone if you use it your self not what some1 else says.

  • nexsss

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2011You said nothing about the little screen, multitasking, bluetoot... morewell the small screen is not fit for viewing movies you say but it has a resolution others phones can only dream of having. and you say enjoyin movies well be it on the small screen but atleast we can watch a couple of movies in peace as compared to a certain smartphone on which you have to charge it after watching a 90 mins movie. or just an hour of surfing. and as you say something about finger being cramped after playing video games for some 15 mins you must be a baboon for having such a big finger. and humans with ordinary fingers can play " video games " on it continously for 4 to 5 five hours as compared to the foresaid smartphone on which you may play a game for an hour or two before it drops below 20 percent battery. and dual core you say. i have seen andoi lagging on s2 which has a dual core but my iphone 4 has never lagged althoug it has a sinhle core processor. and any game which you can play in your dual core processor phone. we can play it better on the iphone 4. so boooo to you

For those who are disappointed with 4S check out this link:­-Being-Apple-73440.html&wsi=d3cb5b72c58f31b2­&ei=SW2STtb_Cs6g1AaXm-2lBg&wsc=eb

  • maxwell

well I dont know if the iphone 5 will be a blast since the creator already died (may he rest in peace).. and the stock of the apple over the stock market crashes .. i dont know...

  • ra535i

yellow, 09 Oct 2011Bro samsung already dropped official support for last years gala... morethat's exactly what i'm talking about.

  • Anonymous

I can't wait to get the 4s. I have the nokia n8 in the USA. I paid 6x as much as my Mom's HTC andriod ang my Dad's Samsung Windows Phone (up front that is). I stillllllll do not have the Anna n8's ui is pathetic so dated, my parents have a better phone...omg! So long nokia, welcome USA for good, too many failed promises. It's obvious you don't care for your customers in USA!