redsn0w tethered jailbreak for iOS5 out, iPhone 4S not supported

13 October, 2011
The non-beta iOS5 gets a tethered jailbreak. Windows PCs can be used now too, not just Macs.

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  • surbhi_1992

Can i install this IOS5 tethered one onto my phone which is being ooperated by using a gerver sim card?

  • me

bongbong, 17 Oct 2011Jailbreaking voids the warranty....huhuhuhuhubut we can recover when we are claiming warranty =P

  • Sheikh

Is there a way I can factory unlock my Iphone4? Its from UK and I have jailbroken it.

  • smh

why no give all apps free..£600+ for a fone isnt enuff APPLE??

  • bongbong

Jailbreaking voids the warranty....huhuhuhuhu

Take a look at this, guys. You've got to admit, Siri is going to be a fun little thing to play with.

Hats off to Apple on this one. I don't care what Android fans say (and I'm not even an Apple fan, mind you), but there's nothing on the market like Siri at the moment! Boy, am I sold!

  • Rk

Dear All Genius Persons,
Please could u tell me that i have a windows 6.5 phone(VS750). Can it is possible in any way to install android on it??????

  • Anonymous

Frydae, 16 Oct 2011The point is, even without rooting, Android can already be custo... moreYou speak as though you are talking with authority on the subject. However it is perfectly obvious you have no idea how jail breaking an iPhone affects it at all.

When you jailbreak an iPhone it in no way whatsoever changes the general layout of the iPhone or the OS. It looks exactly the same with the addition of cydia on there. From there you can then customise the phone as you'd like but still keep the same iOS experience. You can still connect to iTunes in exactly the same way, connect to the app store in exactly the same way. BUT. You have much more added functionality & a whole host of options are opened up.

So how exactly does jail breaking completely change the iOS experience to something totally unlike before?

Kindly avoid posting on iPhone forums in future. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Zorril

khushal, 16 Oct 2011Amazing. No not the redSnow Jailbreak software but the fact that... moreHow is that amazing? It's like cars... People have been moddifying them for years, does not always mean they are unhappy - Just want to customize it the way they feel fit. You see a millions of cars with aftermarket alloy wheels, does this mean they are unhappy with there cars? No.

Frydae, 16 Oct 2011The point is, even without rooting, Android can already be custo... moreMate... Just one advice... Please read all my comments before replying ignorantly... You sure dont have any idea about why Android users root their phones or iOS users jailbreak their phones...

TechnoFreak, 13 Oct 2011We jailbreak iPhones just like Android users root their phones..... moreThe point is, even without rooting, Android can already be customized the way we want.Rooting is for people to further boost what the phone can do by Overclocking and removing manufacturers setting WITHOUT changing the Android experience...But you iPhone users on the other hand keep boasting about how iPhone is simple blah blah blah, then why do you jailbreak and put widgets and change your lockscreen to the android pattern lock and put notifications before it came out on iOS5? By jailbreaking you are completely changing the "iOS" experience that Apple intended which you so proudly boast about and straying closer to the Android experience...

  • khushal

i like that apple is best company in mobile fon & all other thnks like I-POD & other gajets ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.

  • khushal

Amazing. No not the redSnow Jailbreak software but the fact that iOS and Android fans aren't truthfully satisfied with the OS as the OS creator made it. Almost 80% with iOS and 90% of the time with Android, people that have iPhones, jailbroke them and people that have Android have Custom Roms (mainly CyanogenMod). The point is, if the OS was as amazing as people nag about it being, then they wouldn't have to crack it to be satisfied.

  • khushal

I know Android is open-source... But when phone manufacturers(Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson etc.) launch their phones in the market they basically put a software to prevent the user from tinkering around with the phone... Still many people crack the software and rooth their phones... Usually most people do it because they were not happy with the preinstalled version... That does not mean that version is bad... Its a matter of choice.. Same is the case with the iOS... We only try to make the OS better... iOS not perfect and the same can be said about all OSs out there... Its just a matter of which OS is better for a particular person...

  • hackashack!

i just traded my iphone 4 with the iphone 4s... i really want play with these... especially now with that voice thing... i saw this blog... now it's too late... *sigh*.. is there any hope that a hacker can take this and help?

  • Peace Rules

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2011another reason why people jailbreak or root their device is to i... moreJust to enlighten....My friend that is the same case with Androids OS and phones as well.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]It is an integrated approach, which is why EA has announced Battlefield 3: Aftershock as an iOS only title:

  • Tizen Takeover

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2011another reason why people jailbreak or root their device is to i... moreYep that is true. That's basically an expanded version of what Me and TechnoFreak have been saying. People aren't satisfied with what's normally on their phone so they have to use other means to get the phone to do what they want it to because it can't normally.

  • Anonymous

Tizen Takeover, 13 Oct 2011Correct TechnoFreak. I think Pain004 overlooked that part in my ... moreanother reason why people jailbreak or root their device is to install pirated/crack software. I would say this is the main reason for most of the people that I know. 2nd, people have some specific things that are not available for their stock OS, and it's not available without jailbreaking or rooting.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2011"they basically put a software to prevent the user from tin... moreMaybe... I dont know about that... The last time I checked they put software in their phones to prevent tinkering... But my whole point was people go for rooting because they are not happy with the pre-installed one... They wanted a better customised one... Thats all...