Apple granted 'slide to unlock' patent for touchscreen devices

26 October, 2011
This could mean more legal trouble for Android OEMs and Android itself if Apple decides to take legal action.

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  • young chris

I had a problem with my phn "MVVY zero" none of a sudden, d phn start losing sm of device. And now, d touch-screen refused to work and it now lock. How will I unlock my phn without d screen-key? Pls help me

  • P.I.M.P

dis just shows dat the patent office guys graduated with degrees in is just getting greedy day by day and not thinking of others,in the end they will suffer the consequences and then we have the last u guys better think before doing sumthing.just shows ur looking as far as ur noses!!!!

  • fjkdl;as

Apple will get nowhere with this lawsuit.

  • Dave

"'ll find that it only talks about gestures performed in a 'predefined path'."

Or, if you actually read it:

"may include moving the unlock image to a predefined location" which includes things like moving a circle over an unlock icon.

It also doesn't specify what "predefined path" means, which could be interpreted to include paths defined by the user.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2011apple wastes time to patent all kinds of nonsence.... slide to ... morethey already did patent the 'i'.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2011You know why Windows gets virus? Cause its compatible with every... moreNo it's not, the system OS is written completely different as to what windows is.

  • andy man

Apple will surely sue for this

I'm really disappointed in GSM Arena. How could you guys "forget" to report that Apple didn't invent this?

Exhibit A:

  • Anonymous

mrjobsassistant, 26 Oct 2011do you really think Apple will fail?? they have more money than ... moreThey have more money than the US Treasury, not the US Govt. And you're right, Apple will go nowhere as you said.

  • Anonymous

Blankman, 26 Oct 2011Haha, Samsung are going to get shafted. Nokia were smart eno... moreTouchwiz doesn't have the "slide to unlock."

  • Anonymous

Apple is scared of competition, that's why there are all these patents that are completely ludicrous.

Meh. I thought Apple invented that "slide to unlock" thing just to keep the iPhone from looking too much like LG Prada (the first capacitive touch-screen on the market).

I will patent drinking from a bottle. People will have to use cups for that now. Sorry :(

Apple filled the patent in 2005. It hasnt been granted since now because its stupid .It has been granted now because apple payed the judges 40 million dollars to give the patent.

Apple hasnt created the slide to unlock . It was first present on the neonode n1m and apple stole the ideea like many others and claimed it as theyre own.

Only in the US patents are given for software because americans are stupid( no offence , studyes reveal that) In europe software inovation is free for all and promotes evolution and competitivity and also lower prices.

  • Joe

This is getting ridiculous, next thing they will get a patent for "Flipping you phone to get Landscape mode". How do you get a patent for this kind of stuff, I'm sure they were not the first ones in the world to come up with that...

  • Anonymous

Ted, 26 Oct 2011this is really getting stupid.... yes, if u create a technology,... moreIf you are granted that patent, yes.

  • Anonymous

dave, 26 Oct 2011haha nicely said.You know why Windows gets virus? Cause its compatible with everything. Os x is not..

  • dave

sasi dhar, 26 Oct 2011hmm sorry u got it wrong...i granted this patient because i don'... morehaha nicely said.

  • Anonymous

Highst, 26 Oct 2011This is just stupid, why be so picky on how a phone unlocks. I w... morewho did the first mobile phone(in cars)

  • Mario

Since internet got wide-spread into the lives of children, you read a lot of school playground comments on serious websites... shame..

Show some level for God's sake.

  • Ted

bong, 26 Oct 2011time to sue the patent officetrue, it's time to sue the patent office! they r just getting ridiculous.... if Apple gets away with this, i'll patent talking, walking, typing, seeing, breathing, sleeping etc.... well, i'll b filthy rich!