Samsung wants to see the iPhone 4S source code, are they for real?

01 November, 2011
Samsung has requested to see the iPhone 4S source code, so it can assess the potential infringements.

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  • Sijo-Alexandra

Well -enough guys!!!
Let the law take its own suite. But how many phones do we know that they have the same fitures. Apple must just show us their creativity ( Come up with something new) and pay their staff well so that they cannot sell the Quote to likes of Samsung.

Any how - Apple rocks!! its the best...

  • don_bomber

samsung wants to duplicated iphone source code now :p

  • Samsung

Go go sammie go..You are the worls biggest and oldest company...i wish they should win this race.

  • dorian

aodxxl, 01 Nov 2011Apple doesnt stand a chance againts samsung. Samsung is much muc... moreapple don't stand a chance against samsung, are you having a bubble [laugh], samsung have done very little in the mobile space for the last 10 years, those who rememeber the d500 / d600 series of 2004 / 2005, will know it was motorola who actaully got the ball rolling with beautiful asethetics. Samsung handsets, have always had poor battery life, on slide phones, major issues with ribbons, white screens and charging blocks etc... the list could goes on.

for all the techno power samsung has in it's artelliry [excuse the spelling], they should of been market leader, years ago.

not being funny, but all apple do, is connect the dots - and a darn good job they do, do. This what true innovation is about.. being able to see the big picutre in the scheme of things.

for instance, i can sit here today and can think of how windows phone 7, could be put to great use.

on a closing note, phone's, computer's, memory's, tv's - ring a bell - haven't samsung manufactured for almost 20 years.

  • sam

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2011Samsung just wants to see the codes used in siri voice assistant.yu kiddin ryt? siri doesnt work with any other tone of voice than american.....Verlingo works with all why on earth would they want to use siri.....

  • SamsungISGood

But APPLE IS BETTER ON PHONE! Samsung you guys got banned and now u guys wanna learn people source code to write your own Silly Software ??? Agreed Samsung is supplying components to Apple, but dont forget. THEY PAY FOR IT!

  • Anonymous

kiloh3rtz, 02 Nov 2011Also m8 I dont say Apple cant lie but lets face the facts they t... moreIt's not difficul" for any company to make a small high-res display, it's only a bit expensive (and very useless, in fact). You can see the Nokia E6 as an example, that has even more PPI than the iPhone display and even smaller screen. Also, Apple doesn't build the iPhone screen, it's LG that does...

  • Anonymous

Samsung just wants to see the codes used in siri voice assistant.

  • kiz

MohammedAbdulRahman, 02 Nov 2011Those of you who shrugs away the masterpeice which the iPhone is... morelets just trust your alarm clock works this year round


irvinehooi, 03 Nov 2011Good to hear that, Samsung. This time Apple has no chance to esc... moreit's bad to hear that. cause I belive Samsung did copy the source code from APPLE.

  • Anonymous

The first smartphone OS was Windows CE by Microsoft back in end 2001/early 2002, which MSN, office, internet, phone and other program to install into the device(now they call it Apps and market them as a new idea).

1st OS to run on a tablet is also created by Microsoft(Windows XP tablet), with touchscreen and keyboard back in 2002.......

Touchscreen is not a new technology, the only these new generation of smartphone manufacturer does was just to squeeze the component into smaller size and push it out on the market.

This whole war is actually just a joke costing millions...they should just redirect the money to research and development.

Btw HTC was the OEM manufacturer for a lot of old smartphone devices including for brand like Sony, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, o2...etc and they used to market their own phone under the name of Dopod.....

  • irvinehooi

Good to hear that, Samsung. This time Apple has no chance to escape from this infringement.

  • thefearfulsilence

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011Yup there will be trolls from both sides no doubt, won't deny th... moreAbsolutely. That's why I will not post any judgement about the Galaxy Nexus or the iphone 4s until I have tried them both. Let's be honest, this is a really exciting time for smartphone fans and we should be enjoying the fruits of the competition between manufacturers :-)

Nick, 02 Nov 2011There were a few phones that were touchscreen, capacitive screen... moreThe Prada didn't have multitouch, it was a feature phone not a smartphone.

The iPhone was in development long before the Prada was shown, unless you think it only takes a few months to create something like the iPhone which is impossible.

  • kiloh3rtz

[deleted post]Also m8 I dont say Apple cant lie but lets face the facts they took something that had no future and turn it into the future ...Apple maybe on something but they are sure not lieing on 1 fact which is crucial and that is they make better/smooter and nicer produces and they are thinked not just oooo samsung has 1280x1080 we got to make a new phone who has 1320x1120 res...They dont make huge res with even huger screen cuz thats easy...They make smaller easy to use and thinked res screens yeah ofc at some point iphone 4/4s res will be overcome by competition but next iPhone will be surely better then what the competition will have at that point and it will make competition work for another 2 years to beat it...Samsung dont get it how come they make parts but cant beat there own creation when used by others...simple smarter ppl

  • Anonymous

thefearfulsilence, 02 Nov 2011Of course the irony in what you are seeing can be seen in the co... moreYup there will be trolls from both sides no doubt, won't deny that at all. All one can do is try not to stoop to the same levels. I will try and continue to focus on the positives. Hopefully others will too.

  • thefearfulsilence

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011Apple's strength as an innovator is not merely about invention b... moreOf course the irony in what you are seeing can be seen in the comments people are making here on this thread, with numerous people suggsting that Apple made the original smartphone - the first iphone.
When an alternative smartphone maunfacturer adds a feature to a device, the first thing people like you say is "Boring, Apple invented that years ago".
So exactly who is engaging in the loser talk?
It's going to get to the point when people like you will be claiming Apple invented the earth!!!

  • Anonymous

samsung best

  • louis

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011Still nokia is the bestno way... their phones are so slow and so backward....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011Still nokia is the bestshut your stupid face