Apple acknowledges battery life issue in iOS 5, promises a fix

03 November, 2011
Meanwhile, Apple has seeded iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers, that fixes the battery life issue, among other things.

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  • shaida

Voyager, 06 Nov 2011Snub what?? The FM Transmitter? Lifetime free GPS with voice... moreyou are right

  • x10

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2011I don't understand the need for fighting here. and obviously non... moreWe all ready a personal assistant on android!

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2011before ios and android, nokia is in the top of the world, now...... moreSnub what??

The FM Transmitter?
Lifetime free GPS with voice guidance?
HDMI out? (Cable included)
USB On-the-Go? (Cable included)
The unbeatable 12 MP Carl Zeiss Camera?
HD Video with Stereo Audio?

Or the Battery that lasts 2 Days (Heavy Usage)

  • ravi

hi, i bought a iPhone 4s factory unlocked, in india,i find there is signal drop,the main difference is we can not switch off 3g services as we did in 4,is that a reason for signal drop

  • lormee

I have a iphone 4 and i feel that its worth updating the iOS 5. The navigation and everything becomes much faster and smoother. Makes the whole experience feels exquisite.

Apple is Classy to use ... Have got huge brand value.. on other side android have fantastic features and customisation options ... i have gs2 n ip 3gs ... love both of them ..

  • nofanboy

Reading thru this post and all iOS and droid war, and posting my message using a two year old nokia E72, I felt as if living in stone age. Fine, Nokia didn't produce (m)any great touch phones, but the E series has done its job over the years. My phone doesn't boast of all those high powered chipsets and RAM but it has all the business features and also voice navigation GPS. And most importantly, I don't have to worry about recharging battery all the time. For bigger screen, I can afford a computer at work and also at home, which I think people who own iPhone or SGS2 can't.

If you can see this post online, it means my E72 is just fine for blogging too.

  • Anonymous

Where can I get Infinity Blade, Rage, NBA Jam, NBA 2K12, Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry, Call of Duty, Sonic and Sega Racing, Mortal Kombat ect.. for Galaxy S2?

Vißes6, 04 Nov 2011HAHAHAHA!!! most people who claim to be Apple fans don't own... moreand yup most ppl who claims android to be better dan iphone has never owned an iphone...

i jus became an iphone fan when i used ipod touch for d first tym d ios is far more stable and easy dan android i can say dat as i also own an galaxy s too !

  • Anonymous

so does this mean they are going to change the battery display meter to look longer and thinner so it looks like it has more battery life because the original maths was off?

I'm getting the feeling that apple IOS updates will always stuff up / low down the preformance of "i" devices which are over 2 generations old.
Iphone4 software update on iphone3g, made the iphone3g almost useless!
Iphone4s software (iOS 5) update on iphone3gs + gen1 iPad has slowed both devices down noticeably!

Not good apple!

  • Anonymous

my ipod touch 4th gen had lags after downloading ios 5. hope this issue gets resolved.

  • DG1988

i have fully discharged my 4s twice and its fine.. better than original ip4... its a li-po battery.. if you didnt flatten fully from new, then recharge and repeat then the battery isnt conditioned correctly.

  • Vißes6


most people who claim to be Apple fans don't own an iPhone!

In the same way a lot of people are Ferrari fans but don't own a Ferrari and keep wearing Ferrari shirts/caps/etc!

all the arguing/etc/etc ... is just a waste of time...

  • Anonymous

I don't understand the need for fighting here. and obviously none of your ramblings will change anyone's opinion. If you want a phone with USB OTG, one that can play any video format in any resolution, loads of options and freedom go for the SGS2. No, it does not have glitches and does not freeze either. Also, it has all the more useful and relevant apps that any other phone has :/ Otherwise, if you want a personal assistant, and something more trendy, go for the iPhone 4s. Simples

  • Anonymous

aaptk, 03 Nov 2011it doesnt matter, people will still buy it out of ignoranceGSMArena's unbiased stance will not be derailed by the likes of you. People are now re-discovering this and are going in with their eyes open. Read the GSMArena review of iPhone 4S, and any other random three review websites. All are stating the same.

The battery problem is extremely isolated, and is an iOS bug. Simple. Even before the update patch, a temporary solution has already been found just by switching off automatic time zone settings.

Is there a similar solution one can use to update to ICS on all Android phones? No? STFU.

  • Anonymous

commenter, 04 Nov 2011ahahaha lol poor Apple, that's what you get from sueing with ... moreDunno if you heard dude, but I think it's Samsung that's getting into trouble with their lawsuit shenanigans. EUropean Commission is now investigating Samsung for patent abuse against Apple:

A simple "sorry we copied, we wont do it again" would have been good, but Samsung had to try and be a smart aleck. Lol now they have to face the music. The world is not easily bullied, like the judges and government in their home town Korea.

  • Anonymous

Lol, 03 Nov 2011big flipping deal. first you can only use it on an apple tv. sec... moreI'm not concerned whether you like it or not, and am in no mood to bash whatever you support as a response. I prefer to concentrate on the positives, and gaming is a strength of ios. No doubt there are cool things on Android too.

Apple TV has been a success for Apple, and I suspect many who bought an Apple TV most probably also have an iPhone or iPad. I myself am excited by the possibilities and prefer to be optimistic rather than negative and a naysayer like yourself.

  • Ross

Fin, 03 Nov 2011What???? Apple actualy admits that they have an deaing flaw!!?!?... moreI'm thinking with Steve Job's passing, maybe a bit of honesty is allowed to pass through the ranks of Apple now.
They're still claiming false innovation but at the same time they wouldn't even officially admit antennaegate was a hardware issue, even when accepting refunds and giving away free cases, Steve Job's said it's not because there's an issue with the iPhone (4).

  • Anonymous

skulllace, 03 Nov 2011seriously dude you are right no matter what others make Apple re... moreYou may have missed this, but Apple isn't number 1.