HTC reveals list of handsets that will get Ice Cream Sandwich

07 November, 2011
Mostly includes the high-end dual-core phones that were launched after the HTC Sensation.

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Simple Android Fragmentation!
Keep on the good work HTC, while I enjoy 0-day updates on my iPhone!

  • Anonymous

They really need to fix this fragmentation problem, there is no reason that phones right down to the MyTouch 4G can't get ICS.

  • Ejazem

that sucks ,, wat about the Desire HD???

it's a high performance phone, i guess it could handles the Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Whathell

Disapointed. No ICS for my Desire HD


ICS only on DUAL CORE.. non Dual Core won't get ICS.. if it does it will be SO SLOW !

  • Anonymous

Smackerz, 07 Nov 2011The Ice Cream Sandwich update is only for dual-core phones. But ... moreI don't think ICS is meant for dual cores only.. remember that it is actually a cross breed between gingerbread and honeycomb? It supposed to work with single cores as well.. just that it now has the option to actually fully utilize the second core..

  • Anonymous

Guys lets wait! Other manufactrures like sonyericsson promissed ics for devices with 1ghz and 512mb ram, so we know the update is possible, and we know that htc learned a lesson from desire and the gingerbread update. Htc made it in 2011 as best seller in the us and they wont risk it and lose their admirers by not updating a 7 monthes old device like incredible s,, i know many will be pissed this way!

What abt for HTC-DeesireHD? HTC Shouldn't miss this gr8 device to update to ICS.

Kalun, 07 Nov 2011This is a huge disappointment for HTC. Htc incredible s and desi... moreDude..havn't u heard that Patience is a virtue!?!
Read the news well! They have mentioned that it's just the FIRST WAVE OF DEVICES THAT GETS THE UPDATE! So, keep your fingers crossed! ;)

  • Anonymous

Why worry about if they will update to ICS just root your phone & go to xda website even the old desire will be getting ICS on there

  • Smackerz

The Ice Cream Sandwich update is only for dual-core phones. But I wonder why the Samsung Nexus S can get ICS although it's not a dual core phone.

  • christian & roxi

we both lurvvv the sensation but its not quite as good as the vodafone 345

I have a 1-year old Desire Z. I personally am happy with Gingerbread on it since the summer. The lack of ICS on it does not make it any less useful than a month ago. So what exactly would I miss out on with ICS that I should be upset about?

  • Anonymous

Desire HD ????????????????

  • hi

Kalun, 07 Nov 2011This is a huge disappointment for HTC. Htc incredible s and desi... morejust root it its not that hard on HTC phones and wait for cyanogemod 8 ICS problems solved

  • BT

and the SGS2? won´t receive the ICS?

This is a huge disappointment for HTC. Htc incredible s and desire s is a huge hit but no update for that!
No more for HTC.. Go for Samsung or Nokia's WP.. I expect big from Htc because of build quality.. Samsung WTG!
Been a fan of samsung a long time ago before my father gave me a Incredible S.
Htc Sense is awesome! I fully utilised it and can't live without it..

This is a huge drawback for Htc.
Samsung is lacking of updates last time until they release their first android phones.. Dx

  • LeatherFace

iF sensation is getting ICS update then so will Htc desire HD.. rom port... Long live XDA !! Haha.. can't wait for it.. wohoo

  • PJ

Disappointed a a little upset the Desire HD is not on the list. Had the Desire HD for eleven months and is already an obsolete worthless piece of Junk and very much regret moving to HTC Android in the first place. My contract ends in three weeks and will switch back to the iPhone - at least Apple is reliable and consistent with updates. To be perfectly frank I don't think HTC give a crap. Tried selling the Desire HD but no one seems to want obsolete devices yet a mate had no problems selling his two year old iPhone at a good price - now that says something.

  • igneshto

If the sensation XL get it, doesn't it mean the desire HD desire S and all these other phones can support it too!??!