TI OMAP-powered Samsung Galaxy S II I9100G pops up quietly

11 November, 2011
Samsung has quietly launched a TI OMAP version of its Samsung Galaxy S II flagship droid.

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  • Anonymous

then which 1 is good? ti omap or qualcom?

  • m

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2011People are so dumb to only compare the freakin' frequenzy of a p... moreComment below -> You're spot on.

Qualcomm Vs. Exynos is a good example.

AT&T is pushing hard a Qualcomm based Galaxy S2 Skyrocket LTE phone as an "upgrade" over the GS2. Even the pimply faced teenage salesman at Best Buy thought the Qualcomm based Skyrocket was an "upgrade".

There is so much misinformation out there its ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

People are so dumb to only compare the freakin' frequenzy of a processor and never ever try to read anything about its arquitecture, which makes more difference, than 300mhz on both over 1ghz dual core devices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2011Just ask Gameloft about fragmentation on Android. MALI-400 GPU ... moreand still, later there will be games running on it, which the vr540 cannot support. And you can always use Chainfire 3D to make every game work perfectly on Mali 400, also the Tegra2 based games.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2011Mali 400 is a sad GPU compared to PowerVr540actually not true...

I had SGS1 and SGS2 and on SGS2 most games run way more fluid than on SGS1. The other thing is, that you just compare those stupid benchmarks, that test one thing of a million things you could test it on. The other thing is, that Mali 400 is a Quadcore GPU and PowerVR540 just a Singlecore GPU. When ICS will be available, it will for the first time ever reveal the true potential of Mali400 and probably blast all other GPUs for Smartdevices to their corners. Even the better and newer version of PowerVR, which are dual core, on the iPhone4S and iPad2 wont really stand a chance then.

  • Anonymous

5tifler, 11 Nov 2011Samsung is slowly loosing touch with reality by churning out all... moreIts for people, who dont want an exynos and for people who cannot afford the exynos variant.

  • Anonymous

stupid samsung devs, 11 Nov 2011just quit that stupid mhl tv out crap. put a darn hdmi, all mode... moreYour comment makes no sense... MHL is a new standart, which not only Samsung follows. And who the hell would buy a phone, with a normal HDMI port? Way toooooooooo BIG! Most phones would need to be made thicker, for such a port to fit in, what did you expect? Buy a MHL Cable or an MHL to HDMI Adaptor. Adaptor makes more sense right now, because it can be used with any TV and is smaller to take with you.

  • Anonymous

ExNoR, 11 Nov 2011Is the OMAP4430 less "powerfull" than the current SoC ... moreExynos is indeed superior than omap although it is clocked less due to "clock efficiency" is better. read some reviews about arm cpus.

it's high clocked amd cpu can't beat the intel cpu in terms of performance.

  • sammylover

I tell you what lets just have one phone shall we.Im sure you would all complain if bmw or mercedes only made one model.I think iys great and a credit to samsung how theu can produce a phine from scratch so quick.In all honesty which sad individual buys a phone to play games?If i want to play games ill use my ps3 or buy a ps vita for a better gaming experience.We all know how well the sony xperia play took off NOT.Well done samsung for given us all plenty of choice.

Why cant Samsung make just 1 model for a phone... This is so stupid...

  • audio junk

So which one is better? The I9100 or the I1900G?

  • Anonymous

Just ask Gameloft about fragmentation on Android.
MALI-400 GPU in Exynos has the least amount of games.

  • ken

its been selling in malaysia for roughly a half a month, and a lot of paper are facing lots of problem for rooting or doing custom firmwares

  • Anonymous

5tifler, 11 Nov 2011Samsung is slowly loosing touch with reality by churning out all... moreThis is exactly what I've been feeling as well. Almost feels like Blackberry with their clone phones. Also, I'm not so sure I'd be happy to buy a phone, only to find out later a gazilion new models have been introduced.

  • hohoho

im actually surprised that gsmarena is write about this old news. come on, its already out for months

  • bob

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2011Mali 400 is a sad GPU compared to PowerVr540wrong, 540 gets creamed. 543mp2 is a different story

Is the OMAP4430 less "powerfull" than the current SoC on the first galaxy s2?

The OMAP4460 appears to be a better option since it can be clocked at 1.5Ghz.

  • Blankman

Why can't we just have ONE model of Galaxy S2?

I bet the successor to ICS will not be compatible with the original, yet the SkyRocket will get it because of it's faster processors.


  • PhoeniX

It is true tat mali-400 do better than powerVR 540..but powerVR do better performance if attach with OMAP chipset..yet,GT-i9100G is still better although he cannot beat up his brother GT-9100 in term of performance..

  • Anonymous

Scratch what I said - the different GPU may cause developers a bit of hassle.