Sony Ericsson to become simply Sony by mid-2012

06 December, 2011
Along with the new name, the brand will also concentrate solely on selling smartphones.

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  • sree

sony is going to rock

This Phone is really awesome i want to buy this phone, whats the price of Sony Xperia or there is any other option for me at the same price tag from other company's Mobiles.

  • yahya

happy birth day sony mobile

  • Anonymous

I used to have a Sony CMD-J5 excellent phone in its time, before Sony merged with Ericsson. Used it for a long time. :-)

  • FiZor

I had more then 60 cell phones. Most of them were Sony Ericsson, and honestly, I am not too happy with this situation. Pretty big segment would be banished when we talk about standard gsm devices with keyboard, buttons, etc. Main reason I am using SE is good software, endurance, quality and battery autonomy. I can´t imagine whole market full with touch telephones. What about those people who simply don´t want to tap on gigantic screen :(. The best part of Sony Ericsson company is Ericsson engineering because, as pretty much ppl commented the fact that SONY has ridiculous market policy that most congruous people defy.

  • TruthSeekr

timsecretfinder, 07 Dec 2011if i were the owner. i will named my company XPERIA. it comes so... moreYeah bro, that blob-in-the-ball's been around way too long.

And no it does NOT look good - especially on the actual phones.

  • Anonymous

Eagerly waiting for that day in changes

  • Anonymous

pratik, 07 Dec 2011so it means that the SE SMART phones that will arrive one the fi... moreall phones branded as Sony Ericsson and specially Xperia brand will be supported by Sony as Xperia brand will continue.

No company can dare to leave the customers stranded only affecting their future sales.

so rest assured

  • pratik

so it means that the SE SMART phones that will arrive one the first week of jan 2012 will be ICS 4.0 out of the box(HOPE IT DOES)....GSM ARENA IS THAT TRUE...OR still it will be a 2011 modelS , and will get aN update over the air for 4.0 version....gets me some light on this please GSM ARENA....i dont wanna make wrong decision, and what about the SE NOZOMI, whe will it be launched officially.....

AND BEING BRAND NAME SONY ONLY...will they discontinue the manufacturing of sony erricsson xperia phones with ICS 4.0 out of box ...NEXT JAN 2012....coz i want a NEO V with ICS 4.0 out of the box ..PLEASE HELP, CLEAR MY DOUBT

  • timsecretfinder

if i were the owner. i will named my company XPERIA. it comes so much positive expectation better than sony or even ericsson. And one more thing, i definitely will change the logo :D

Gouldy, 06 Dec 2011Have you any proof, or are you just from the same symbian crowd ... moreYEs,
1. I won a couple of Android Devices... Moto XT910 aka, the new RAZR and SE Xperia Neo...
2. I never said that the devices of Android is bad, but I must tell that the signal reception of Android is far far worse than Nokia branded devices..... I had compared them side by side.
3. SE had the best radio among the Android community and thanks to the ST-E chipsets.

Most of you have forgot that Ericsson is the largest Telecom solutions vendor in the world. Their competence in Radio is unmatched. Hence I am saying so...
The Android devices are great in Multimedia characteristics and UI, and symbian is no match for the fluidity of the interface. But since I am very few of those users who still purchase a phone making telephony as the number 1 priority, I am not particularly interested in the devices where the radio is bad.....
Sony will be going that way I think and hence will not buy another Sony phone in the future...

  • Barney Tabasco

What REALLY will be the change though?

Yes, the branding and marketing will change. However, will the products differ at all from the smartphones that are released now as Sony Ericsson?? Apart from getting the opportunity to concentrate on smartphones.

I don't see the leadership, hardware/software development teams and manufacturing processes changing from what they are right now.

  • Anonymous

Im happy Sony is taking over.. Now we can expect to see some interesting stuff come out in the future..

  • Anonymous

they acquired the share of Ericsson in Sony Ericsson, that means they simply bought out the significant influence of Ericsson with in S/E. with that being said, the same team, dev, management, perhaps CEOS board of directors and other members of the Ericsson team will still be in "Sony" (Sony Ericsson)

  • Anonymous

Tio-saman, 07 Dec 2011So..... what will happen to all the Sony Ericsson phones like th... moreWhat would happen with all Sony Ericsson phones including the Arc S... Starting 1st July 2012 you may call them as SONY phones. SONY Arc S or SONY Xperia Arc S, or still Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. Depend on each own taste.

  • Raj

i dont understand what problem with Sony, what they think about themself. without ericsson sony is nothing in mobile phone industry.

  • shapeshifter

Marcelo Sabite, 06 Dec 2011The Death of SAMSUNG is coming soon.... .indeed.
watch out sammy/htc
they make most beautiful UI and hardware

  • Thomas

All you lobely people out there - perhaps you dont know the DISASTER sony faced when it came with mobile phones X and J series (J-5, J-7, and so on when it was only SONY).

Sony started selling only when it joined with ERICSSON

Somy might be good in electronics but in Mobile phones- SONY SUCKS

  • Vijender

Sony Ericsson's after sales service was pathetic in INDIA. Hope SONY will try to match their after sales service with other leading brands in INDIA.

I wish SONY enters the market with a top quality customer service system otherwise it will be same as SONY ERICSSON.

  • Sostenes

made in japan