HTC Desire HD, Incredible S and ChaCha getting Android 2.3.5

11 December, 2011
The HTC Incredible S and Desire HD are getting a 2.3.5 update with HTC Sense 3.0 in the UK.

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  • Desire

Come on.. Desire s is equal in spec to incredible s. Y no update for it yet. And CHSCHA is getting an update sadnes...

  • unhappy

Wow at least htc got an update samsung is still not delivering with the Bada 2.0 update

  • Desire S

Any word on Desire S users in the Philippines getting an update?

  • Anonymous

SamsungLover1994, 12 Dec 2011Hey guys...when will the 2.3.5 update for the Samsung Galaxy SII... moreSGS2 will be updated straight to 4.0
But be patient it'll take sometime

  • antonioli

Wait...What about Desire Z?

Hey guys...when will the 2.3.5 update for the Samsung Galaxy SII be available? Waiting anxiously!

  • Anonymous

i'm still waiting for the 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 updates for Desire S since two months ago..

  • jeeylu

My HTC cha cha found an 2.3.5 update. The phone is bought from Germany.

  • SamsungLover

Hi...does anyone know when the Samsung Galaxy SII will be getting 2.3.5???

  • gadget republic


  • Mike

When this update is going to available at Singapore? Been using Incredible S for 2 weeks and satisfied for now :) ..

Just the battery is rather quickie I think.. Other than that is okay.

  • pintu

Hi HTC I'm still waiting in India for HTC Incredible S update.

  • desire hd

desire hd belgium just updated to 2.3.5 and sense 3.0!!

  • Kerosine

I can confirm ChaCha got the 2.3.5 update but not SenseUI upgrade - no clue what the bump to .5 actually means in terms of performance as I don't use this mobile, it belongs to my fiancee, but I do recall her getting the OTA update some days ago. We're based in Malta, Europe.