Pink colored Galaxy S II heading for Taiwan

30 December, 2011
The phone will go on sale starting January 1, 2012 and will cost TWD 21,900 for the 32GB model.

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  • chrystalla

how much it cost?

  • Anonymous

Love it! Go Pink...

And make sure you install the Pink Google Android App so you can get matching Pink widgets:­

  • KaM

Supposedly these are going on sale in Australia and are "In Stock" on a certain retail/online technology and electronics store. I won't name which because that takes the fun out of finding it - and until i actually receive it in the mail in case they run out ;)

  • WesjeDikje

I really really hope this phone finds it's way to my hands, I really like the color!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2012hopefully phones4u will try for this pink handset in the ukhopefully!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

hopefully phones4u will try for this pink handset in the uk

  • Karan

I am wondering when Samsung Galaxy S2 PINK will be launched in India.

  • SamsungFailure

Ugly phone, cheap feal and materials for such a high price
They need design lessons from nokia

  • pinu

i like this handset tanks samsung

  • Anonymous

...over saturated...

  • Pi Be

The new GSII has no back speakers!


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2011Maybe this phone in reality looks more beautiful than in this photoUnfortunately not- Samsung has termed this color as 'CORAL' not 'PINK' and it is a mix between pink, red and orange. The color of the actual phone looks nothing like the picture as shown here- however that could be because of monitor/photo quality. I personally don't like it, however it is up to personal choice/taste and it keeps selling out at the store where I work.

  • migotka21

I'm female but I'd prefer c dark blue or a dark green cover than a pink. SE had some covers in nice shades of blue for several mobiles and smartphones. Is pink practical?

Hey! My wife want this Phone :D

  • jimjim

pink dragon, 30 Dec 2011if they make it a little darker, a hot pink color just like the ... morewe hav this phone is australia and the pink actually loooks diffrent to the picture. its more of a coral pink but still is a great pink.

  • Anonymous

Pink is also available in Finland...­GALAXY_S2

  • pink dragon

if they make it a little darker, a hot pink color just like the nokia n8 and the arc s, i'd definitely get one for my pink phone collection...but this shade of pink is hideous

  • Anonymous

I bet Samsung will stop updating this phone soon after claiming insufficient colour density.

  • rr

wen is it coming to the ukkkkkkkk i want one

  • rovert

even if the photo looks worse, what about the real actual product even WORSE OFF, mmmmmm, is this another cheap plastic cover? lol it looks like it dont you think?