The iPhone 4S coming to 22 new markets, January 13th

04 January, 2012
Cupertino today confirmed that 'the most amazing iPhone yet' is coming to 22 new markets, including China.

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michael99uk, 04 Jan 2012what is all this no NIGERIA on the list i live in lagos nigeria,... moreYou cannot use most interactive features on apple's iPad , iPhone and iPod such as iTunes and FaceTime in Nigeria because the country is not on apples country list. Backwaters like Niger republic and Sierra leone are listed but not Nigeria, Africa's most populous country and potentially, apple's biggest market. It's frustrating to buy an apple phone and not do anything except answer phones and upload from CD's manually. I could as well go buy a Nokia

  • kev

Can't wait to get mine in Trinidad!!!

  • nera

mbuguz555, 04 Jan 2012anxiously waiting for it in kenya.Hope safaricom will be the off... moreits been here,,,already

  • Anonymous

when is it expected to be rolled out in Tanzania????

  • Teranga

Ha, ha, ha finally Senegal got it

  • Denzo

I am poor man, 05 Jan 2012You put yourself in the jail made by apple. That's what they giv... moreIts just a phone not a religion, so for me, I am happy.

  • Batik

How bout indonesia?

What is about Pakistan?

  • Aggynaldo

Why is there not Angola in this list?
We are the fast growing market in Africa

  • I am poor man

Iphone 4s - New User, 05 Jan 2012I recently bought iphone 4s in India for Rs. 45000/- almost doub... moreYou put yourself in the jail made by apple. That's what they give you. Do not ask, do not complain and do not think about other is better. 100% obey then you will happy.

  • Anonymous

I got mine yesterday from Smart philippines.. Luv it! n_n

  • bernard

what about Ghana

  • zenus

No Nigeria in the list

  • Parker

How about North Korea?

Why we still have plastic cups an no string?

  • Anonymous

Seems to me the growth is slowing down. Apple had previously ignored some of these markets, probably because the volumes are low and therefore the pickings are pretty slim. But now that growth curve seems to be straightening out. They need to come up with another WOW, and they need to do it fast

  • Chewy

apple 'o' holic, 05 Jan 2012personally i live in the uk. and apple need to concentrate on su... moreVodafone have plenty of IP4S in stock ;D I've sold a few of them already today.

Not that I'd buy one myself, Android for the win! but you don't need to like it, to sell it ;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2012Your argument is and your Iphone are invalid strongly

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2012The days of Galaxy line have gone with the existence of iPhone (... moreYour argument is invalid.

  • Anonymous

please the fans of Iphons dont copy our words,by the record make acompare between the two devices here in GSM and you will see the difference but dont be sad for Apple.

  • ?

still no ukraine