White Galaxy Nexus image surfaces, not as white as expected

06 January, 2012
The white Galaxy Nexus won't be completely repainted and its front panel will remain black.

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  • the_seba

I love the fact the front panel on this bad boy is black as the sensors and the front facing snapper are just subtle dots of shade rather than being those eye-drilling black holes you see on the ceramic white Galaxy SII.
I own a well outdated Creative Zen Vision:M mp4 that tried to be the iPod killer in the days of it's glory. In my case it succeeded, but back to the point - it's black front panel goes well with an unlit screen and the white back, visually makes it a bit more of an interesting package.
Well done Google and Samsung :)

  • Bored of litigation

Apple would probably do the usual and take Samsung to court for a patent infringement over the colour if it was all white.

  • Anonymous

Probably to avoid the light leakage with hidden notification light...

  • Anonymous

Ha ha ! just like my SGW half white.

It looks cool in black&white as well.