Sony announces Xperia S with a 12MP camera and HD screen

09 January, 2012
Sony has just announced the Android-running Xperia S, formerly known as Nozomi.

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  • Anonymous

I want one..

  • joe

think it the most wanting smart phones that sony did conquerancing wid iphones 4s nokia n8, n9 even wid samsung galaxy II..... wana get mine ... when it gonna be commercilise... at what price

  • buxz777

Oubsty, 11 Jan 2012I don't understand these Sony haters......... The phone has buil... moreactually most phones take the sandisk 64gb memory card , you just have to format it to fat32 before putting it in your phone

over at xda our friend nztechfreak has done full tests on several mobile devices and as long as the card is foratted into fat32 then it will work

only thing is they are mighty exspensive at the minute and 32gb cards are only £27 from amazon for a genuine sandisk card in factory sealed pack

i personally could use over 100gb in my phone , my sgs2 mass memory is full and my 32gb card is full apart from the 500mb i leave for taking pictures and doing downloads etc

i cant go back to 8/16/32gb limited models with no expansion slot , id love to give the nokia 800 a test drive but i cant because i would have to ahrink my data down to much , id like to try this sony but again 32gb and no sd slot leaves me over 16gb short of what i have now and i aint trimming my data down

i reckon ill keep my sgs2 with 2000mah battery and sgp neo hybrid case for a while yet and probs just buy a 64gb card when tey come down in price :-)

not everyone uses lots of memory but for those that do no micro sd slot is a killer!!!

  • Teo

Last 3 days same amount of comments !!!

  • Teo

hamid, 12 Jan 2012best smart phone in the world sony like no other please dont com... moreNot the fan of Samsung or Sony neither I own N8 and happy with it!But wrote on here that somebody makes a rubbish phones is very poor ! Almost 30mil Samsung smartphones sold last quarter is saying the true !

  • Anonymous

sonyheart, 15 Jan 2012many of samsung product mostly SGS line-up look like apple's. So... moreThough I like Sony a lot. Samsung just better

  • sonyheart

many of samsung product mostly SGS line-up look like apple's. Sony try a different approach by maintain a mere brick shape. Admit it, when it comes appearence, sony win.

  • visakh

really dedicated..
love u SONY

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson good name with an international appeal

but if it is calles as sony xperia idont think it as cool as sony ericsson

  • Anonymous

toader, 12 Jan 2012Its really fun to see Samsung fans swarming in to try and bash a... moreWow funny to see se fans with such egos. I was just bashing a commenter...ramzy crap with some facts. I never said se or this phone sucks. I think the phone looks great. Just not the best. GS3 will just be better and more up to date.

  • ac_sino

this phone will be awesome, great design and Specs. I'm an Xperia Owner and have no complains it has everything i need in a smartphone, i had a Galaxy S is also a great phone but is not so much better than any Xperia but pretty much expensive. The camera, no phone has a better camera than any new gen Xperia phones.

  • hamid

best smart phone in the world sony like no other please dont compare sony with samsung samsung making rubish phone i love u sony

  • toader

Its really fun to see Samsung fans swarming in to try and bash and take down Sony's hot fame in just CES show alone. Such insecure bunch that reveals their ugly tails out TO THE MAX ^^
And do keep swarming in cas it will also boost Sony's popularity. ^^ Highly recommended to come in and post! ^^

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Did you forget to mention any screen can get hot an explode, but the chances are so extremely tiny. Lol.
Did we again mention Samsung rules and sony makes nice products but they are always late in the game. And good quality but not good enough to make up for being so late. And by time this comes out the GS3 will be right around and blow it away. Screen, camera, memory, OS, ram, cpu, gpu, and all. And this is not even being released with ICS like the GS3 will be and around the same time too. Imagine that. The only thing it might have is the GS3 may not have an HDMI port.

  • Anonymous

RamyRamz69, 11 Jan 2012And I also forgot to mention Samsung's crappy Touchwiz interface... moreDid I mention how this phone is not released while the GS2 has been out for almost a year? This phone is not running anything yet. Lmao! And also that they run on year old technology? Samsung had 12mp years ago and the first on top of that.

  • Anonymous

RamyRamz69, 11 Jan 2012Seriously, how old are you? GS2 outweights this? In what area... moreSeriously yes. Amoled outdoes any LCD. And no LCD is clear black. It's gray no matter how you look at it.
And news flash this phone is not out yet. So when it is released it will be about a whole year later then the GS2 and only have a couple things that are a tiny bit better. So all in all it will be better. Playstation certified and no buttons!? LMAO!!!! What's the point?

  • Anonymous

lennard, 11 Jan 2012I agree with you... the Ugliest smartphone in the Planet is desi... moreLOL! you don't know anything. The iphone design is stolen fro Samsung. So it's their own original design. And the Galaxy just uses a simple design. Carrier varients though have different and nice designs. Like the Captivate for instance. Very nice. Also many other ones like the Beda phones and Omnia HD. The Epic looks nice for a simple design as well. Also their camera giants too.

  • Anonymous

RamyRamz69, 11 Jan 2012A lot of Sony haters here lol. You guys seriously hate when some... moreGood to hear you admit that Sony is lacking :)

really why you guys bashing sgs2? sigh -,- I'm using it and its flawless! what you want HD? go get the skyrocket HD or South Korea LTE HD version same it also have hd resolution 1280*720 (super amoled plus!!!) 1.5 GHZ!

sigh well i am not a hater but i feel that sony ericsson is kinda slow >.< well other company already have this specs of phone and currently pursuing quad core smartphone .

well either way sammy rocks!! SGS3D SUPER AMOLED PLUS HD maybe LTE!

  • Mr Reality

Mr Impractical you're obviously an SE fanboy, because all anybody can see you doing is making butthurt comments in reply to anything anybody says bad about SE, ever. Guess what others are entitled to their opinion whether it matches yours or not.

I suppose if SE was anywhere near as good as you say, it would be ranked higher in global market share than it is today. The people vote with their wallets. And they have not voted for SE.