Nokia celebrates the sale of the 1.5 billionth Series 40 phone

25 January, 2012
It was a Nokia Asha 303, a distant relative of the first S40 phone, the Nokia 7110, which launched in '99.

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  • Anonymous

Thats before the iPhone in stone ages.

  • Hobot

I actually had a 7110 :D. I love Nokia, and if they made Android phones, i wouldn't hesitate to buy one again.

now asha phones comes wid 1ghz processor, are they really need 1ghz ??

little bit confused why nokia takes this step coz 1ghz is too much for s40.

This is where nokia should be, back to basics and leave the smartphone market for others.

That's a lot of s40 phones sold. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it.
And it seems a lot of people (billions of them actually) like Nokia.
I am posting this using my Samsung super smartphone but i actually have a Nokia s40 as my backup phone. reliable and its battery lasts long, really long.

seraphica.se7en, 25 Jan 2012wow! congratulations Nokia! job well done! hoping for a s40 vers... morerofl...Like your sense of humor!

  • Anonymous

asha series are great phone

wow! congratulations Nokia! job well done! hoping for a s40 version of the N9.. that'll be great!

  • Spidey

Amazing! ;-)

  • Anonymous

nokia back