T-Mobile UK unveils Full Monty - its first all-you-can-eat plan

30 January, 2012
The monthly fees for the plan go from 36 to 61 and can be combined with any smartphone that the carrier offers.

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  • Anonymous

They haven't doubled up coverage, they've simply merged and removed excess masts, you can see that from the coverage maps of both operators.

Also I can't see this lasting due to lack of investment in network capacity (no HSPA+ masts...) and calls/texts to other networks cost them money, a few heavy users and this will be over within a few months.

T-Mobile has a track record of changing agreements and screwing over customers in the past.

  • Jhr774

How can T-Mobile get away with false advertising?
They are not the first at this, Three UK was longtime, the One Plan.
Ohhh does it include tethering like three's One Plan?

Three's One Plan starts at £25, 2000 anynetwork, 5000 text, 5000 three to three, all you can eat Internet including tethering no restrictions whatsoever...

  • anono

Perhaps by 'first' they mean t-mobiles first. Also don't they have the benefit of orange coverage to boost signal whilst 3 piggy back?

  • Scotty

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2012First? Three has had one for ages... And T-Mobiles network is... moreI think when they say "the first" they mean unlimited on calls too. As the 3 network all you can eat is just for data on the One Plan.

T-Mobile's coverage has got alot better over the past few years and as I work in a phone shop I have seen the customer base grow and grow since the orange merge.

Can only be a good thing, will cause other networks to get on the truly unlimited bandwagon :D

  • Anonymous

First? Three has had one for ages...

And T-Mobiles network is inferior, can't see this lasting long.