Upcoming BlackBerry London image leaks again

01 February, 2012
Looks a bit different than the one we saw before and unlike any BlackBerry out there right now.

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Nice. Was already getting tired of the brand... before this. Hopefully it wouldn't freeze constantly like the previous versions. Then just maybe apple will have to wait a lil bit longer.

  • i-lumia-nati

I think this will be the next best in Smartphones! good job RIM!

i used to own BB Curve 9300/3G, & in fairness to RIM, i was impressed with how fast internet was in my BB curve. But had to let it go & changed to Lumia 610.

But once this new "BB London" is out(hoping this xmas)..Sure i'll get one for my self as a gift! ;p

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2012those who are worried about apps, relax as BB 10 will be able to... moreThorsten Heins the new RIM CEO said he deosnt like that idea

  • Adrian

I hope that all of that extra bezel on the top and bottom gives room for that touch sensitive area for gesturing as on the Playbook. I haven't seen the touch sensitive bezel on any other device and it gives an extra dimension to touch screen devices whose screens do not yet cover the whole front panel. Other than gestures and higher definition, there isn't much more u can do with a piece of glass. Now if RIM can incorporate the touch sensitive bezel alongside already existing technology in phones (HD screen, lots of apps, wide connectivity etc) then they will appeal to the customer who isn't loyal to any brand but will give the BB a try because it has everything that the other guys have plus a new gesture command system that ultimately replaces the need for buttons at the base of the screen like on the Android or the home button on the iPhone. It's a cleaner looking front panel with more functionality. The LG BL40 (search it in this site) had the clean look going but that was while ago where the phone could freeze and having no buttons would be most frustrating. Bottom line, in this era of advancing mobile technology RIM had better put out AT LEAST this phone and not remain on OS7.1. If they do they might as well be releasing the last gust of wind that was in their sails. As a loyal Blackberry client being constantly disappointed by unkept promises and unmet expectations I speak on behalf of many other clients whose contracts are up for renewal this year and may just migrate if there isn't anything else to look forward to for yet another year except 7.1 and 9700 clones. London, Milan, all great prospects... Now get it done RIM, we want to remain loyal to you but ultimately we are consumers with consumer brains.

  • burberrry touche

hope the screen gonna b wider n its gorrilla glass too

  • Vinsanity

Finally a great slim smartphone from BlackBerry, the display should be wider, like 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches :)

  • Anonymous

SB, 02 Feb 2012It seems like a copy of the iphone 4/4s, camera and flash same p... moreWhich makes every phone a copy of the original touch screen phones...

  • Anonymous

The amount of dead space on top and bottom is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

SB, 02 Feb 2012It seems like a copy of the iphone 4/4s, camera and flash same p... moreTotal copy :) It has phone functions, battery and thouchscreen like Iphone.

  • SB

It seems like a copy of the iphone 4/4s, camera and flash same place same style. logo same place. edges are the same. everything is the same but this only looks a little bigger and thinner.

  • JUCI

What is the size of the phone and the screen? The bezel above and below the screen are so large potentially ruining the otherwise good looks of the phone.

  • hope

Lets hope BlackBerry will make it. I'm a BlackBerry and Android user and I for one as a customer would like to see all smartphone producers thriving. More advance, cheaper technology, more intuitive - those are customers benefits. Why expect and curse them to die?

  • Anonymous

looks pretty nice, understated, modern, and sleek.
I hope the specs are nice too. I wish blackberry the best.

  • S

Looks like a cheap LG Swift Black meets Xperia ARC knock off. Nevertheless it's a move in a new direction from Blackberry, it's just that they can't compete with this one.

  • Interested Bystander

A *finished* QNX/BB10 OS would be fantastic; especially with the Android app compatibility. This would finally achieve the Maemo dream that Nokia *used* to have before the Elop-calypse of a LINUX OS that ran desktop-quality apps on phones and (at least in Maemo's case) was fully OPEN for modification by the user.
Re the handset render; I would prefer that it be a HTC Titan-sized 4.8 screen without capacitive buttons and have a Nokia N950/ E7- like Tilt-Slider with a 5-row physical keyboard. Of course, it should retain the Playbook's screen res of 1024 x 600 and have as good screen tech and SoC, memory etc as possible BUT BB MUST WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THEIR PORTRAIT- ONLY screen/keyboard idea is so 90s!!
They need a slim, powerful BETTER and BIGGER Moto Droid 4 rocking a GREAT OS with a killer UI to succeed; the bezel does NOT NEED to be huge- see the Nokia N9 with it's SWYPE UI!
BB are trying to cover both the smaller Tablet and the handset markets so shouldn't join the silliness of believing that a 4-inch screen is large enough for a landscape keyboard phone - it's funny how a HTC Titan is hardly any bigger than an international-spec Sam Galaxy S2 but the screen size is WAY more usable and impressive once the pixel count is improved.

  • MobileAddicted

RIM should have designed this kind of device sooner. It's full querry keyboard, 2.4" screen...so boring. This is the one i'm looking for from RIM...like it

  • Anonymous

Samsung Fanboy pro, 01 Feb 2012Well at least it looks better then the boring lumia or the lumia... moreyeah and I'll become more boring when I see samsung cheap plastic body and too much malware run on their android handset... LOL

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2012those who are worried about apps, relax as BB 10 will be able to... moreAhahah :D Really u think so? so what's the point of the Android Market? if other platforms can easily ship from there? :D

  • Stondec

This BB is looking sexy, but I'm still not biting. Waiting for my SGSIII.
I hope Samsung exceeds or at least meets the best of the rumors out there.
RIM has been so poorly managed. They should have embraced innovation much earlier. Not much good showering tender loving care on someone after they're already dead. Adios Black berry.

  • TheMightyJ

@Abadi - BBX is a *NEW* OS - it runs the QNX platform, not the Java based platorm that BBOS currently runs on.

@GSMArena - the HTC HD2 was not, and is not an Android handset...it ran Windows Mobile...